Faculty Profile

Faculty Profile Kathleen Giacomini, PhDFaculty Profile Kathleen Giacomini, PhD

Kathleen Giacomini, PhD, Professor, member of the National Academy of Medicine, the co-director of the UC San Francisco-Stanford Center of Excellence in Regulatory Sciences and Innovation (CERSI)
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Faculty Profile Lea Grinberg, MD, PhDFaculty Profile Lea T. Grinberg, MD, PhD

For Lea T. Grinberg, MD, PhD, her childhood dream of becoming a scientist seemed farfetched. It sat upon a distant shelf next to other mystical dream careers, like “astronaut.”
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Faculty Profilee Kathy YangFaculty Profile Kathy Yang, PharmD, MPH

Kathy Yang, PharmD, MPH, an Infectious Diseases Clinical Pharmacist in UC San Francisco’s Medical Center, has collaborated with other researchers to create a device to discover the optimal antibiotic doses that fight bacterial infections common in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF). Read the full Faculty Profile.

Faculty Profile Hope RugoFaculty Profile Hope Rugo, MD

Hope S. Rugo, MD, Professor in the UC San Francisco’s Helen Diller Comprehensive Cancer Center and Director of the Breast Oncology and Clinical Trials Education is improving patient outcomes through personal experience.
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Faculty Profilee Jing ChengFaculty Profile Dr. Jing Cheng

Jing Cheng, MD, MS, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Preventive & Restorative Dental Sciences (PRDS), School of Dentistry (SOD), seeks to solve oral health disparities through statistical methodology research. Read the full Faculty Profile.

Faculty Profile Barbara KoenigFaculty Profile Dr. Barbara Koenig

Barbara Koenig, PhD, RN, is the new Director of the UC San Francisco Bioethics Program. She brings years of professional experience as a national expert in medical ethics.
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Day in the Life - Researcher Elena FlowersDay in the Life: Researcher Elena Flowers

In February, Flowers wrote a blog post for the UCSF Science of Caring website that detailed her genome sequencing experience. Genome sequencing gives the specific three-billion letters of an individual’s DNA. Read the full Faculty Profile.

Faculty Profile Ryan HernandezFaculty Profile Dr. Ryan Hernandez

The population geneticist is a professor in the UC San Francisco School of Pharmacy, Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences and serves as a core member in the Quantitative Biosciences Institute and the Institute for Human Genetics. Read the full Faculty Profile.

Faculty Profile Rich SchneiderFaculty Profile Rich Schneider, PhD

In advocating for the library and to help control the spiraling costs of journal subscriptions, Schneider lead a proposed boycott against the Nature Publishing Group. Read the full Faculty Profile.

Faculty Profile Steve MorinFaculty Profile: Steve Morin, PhD

The Academic Senate spoke to recent Faculty Research Lecture recipient Steve Morin, PhD, to learn how he initially became interested in scientific research, as well as what still drives him in his field. Read the full Faculty Profile.