UCSF Academic Senate Faculty Research Lectures 2023-2024 Call for Nominations

The Academic Senate Committee on Research is accepting nominations for the 2023-2024 Faculty Research Lectures. The deadline to submit a nomination is June 9, 2023. Submit nominations via the Senate Service Portal (SSP) here. Please do not submit nomination packets via email.

This award acknowledges the outstanding scientific achievements made by members of the UCSF Academic Senate in three areas:

  1. Basic Science
  2. Clinical Science
  3. Social, Behavioral, and Health Policy Sciences

Translational researchers may be nominated in either the Basic Science or Clinical Science category, depending on which is the better fit for their research.

Nominators are asked to state the best-fitting category for the candidate’s research within the cover page of the application.

Academic Senate members are asked to consider the contributions of their colleagues so that their outstanding scientific achievements may be recognized by the University community. The Academic Senate Committee on Research selects the recipients of each lectureship award.

The Committee on Research welcomes nominations of faculty from historically excluded groups and those underrepresented in medicine and science.


Submit one PDF document containing the following:

  • A cover page containing the nominee’s name, degree(s), title, department(s), and school affiliations(s) and the FRL award category (Basic Science, Clinical Science, or Social, Behavioral, and Health Policy Sciences) that best fits the nominee's research.
  • A one-page letter summarizing the most outstanding achievements of the nominee’s scientific career (this cover letter does not count as one of the faculty letters of support);
  • A current curriculum vitae; and
  • Two letters of support from individual UCSF faculty only (one of the letters may be from the faculty member submitting the nomination).

Please note:

  • The nominator (or one of the authors of a letter of support) must be available to meet with the Committee on Research for a 5-minute discussion about the nomination at its meeting on Monday, June 26, 2023 (3-5pm) via Zoom.
  • If a nominee is selected for the award, the information in the nominee’s packet, including the letters, may be used in the creation of materials promoting the event.

Nominations should be submitted via the Senate Service Portal here.

Previously submitted nomination packets will be reconsidered as is if the nominator verifies that those providing letters of support still agree to do so.

Please contact Liz Greenwood (liz.greenwood@ucsf.edu) with questions.

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