UCSF Academic Senate Chancellor’s Fund 2024

How To Apply
2024 Chancellor's Fund is open for accepting applications

The Chancellor's Fund aims to benefit faculty within their academic life at the University. We award individual and team applications especially those benefitting more than just one faculty member.

UCSF Faculty:

  • In any series (Clinical X, In Residence, Ladder Rank, Adjunct, and Health Sciences Clinical), at any percentage of effort, are eligible to apply.
  • Instructors, Specialists and Professional Research Series are not eligible.
Step 1 Select a Chancellor's Fund to apply for:
  1. Faculty Learning and Development: Both individual and groups of faculty (up to 4) can apply for an individual or group grant with a specific project focus.-- SOD, SOM, SON and SOP School Faculty Councils.
  2. Conference Registration Grants in Education and Research (3 categories):
    • Educational Curriculum - Committee on Educational Policy
    • Research - Committee on Research
    • Virtual Conferences – Committee on Sustainability
  3. Faculty Writing Support Fund: The Faculty Writing Support Fund is intended to assist faculty who need financial support in their writing, publication, and scholarly communication activities.
  4. Micromobility Grants: The Micromobility Grants are awarded by the Sustainability Committee to support faculty in commuting to work via bicycle.
  5. Milk Stork Initiative: The Milk Stork Initiative is funded by Committee on Faculty Welfare.
Step 2 Review the Submission Rules provided with each application. For additional questions, contact the Academic Senate analyst (located at the bottom of the application page) for the fund you're applying for.
Step 3 Click here for access to the online application in Senate Service Portal.
Step 4 Last Day to Submit an Application:
  • Faculty Learning & Development - April 1, 2024 (all schools). No exceptions will be made.
  • Conference Registration and Travel Grants and Micromobility Grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Funding deadlines for each application are different and occur when funding is depleted.
  • Faculty Writing Support Fund applications will be accepted until March 15, 2024. All eligible applications as of that date will be entered into a lottery, with the winners determined by random draw. If the funds are not depleted at that time, additional eligible applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
Step 5 Notification of Deny or Approval for your application will be sent by email.

Awards are funded within the year they are given. It is up to the awardee or their post-award analyst to provide us with the accounting chartstring for processing.

The latest we can process awards is November 30 of the award year.



  • Notice
  • Funding, submission rules, eligibility criteria, and other requirements are subject to change for each Chancellor's Fund cycle.
  • Be sure to review the website after every “Call for Applications” is launched to learn the updates and prepare your application accordingly.