Division Meeting

All faculty who hold titles in the Clinical X, In Residence, Ladder Rank, Adjunct, and Health Sciences series are members of the San Francisco Division of the Academic Senate, and are invited to participate in the Division meeting of the San Francisco Academic Senate.

Meeting Schedule 2019-2020

Date Location Day Time Agenda Attachments
December 5, 2019   Thursday      

Winter 2019 Division Meeting Poster
   Division Meeting Event Poster

Winter 2019 Division Meeting
Focus on Health Sciences Compensation Plan

Thursday, March 28, 2019 from 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Location: Rock Hall, Mission Bay

Livestream: On the day of the event
Zoom Video Conference: https://ucsf.zoom.us/j/646849439
Agenda: 03/28/19 Division Meeting Agenda
Eventbrite: 3/28/19 Division Meeting Eventbrite RSVP

Past Division Meetings

Date Quarter Video Simulcast
March 28, 2019 Spring https://lecture.ucsf.edu/ets/Play/f29db860190342d2a117fbccdaf4ec5d1d
October 26, 2017 Fall https://lecture.ucsf.edu/ets/Play/bf26d911c8714e14859fdacda51e90b61d
May 11, 2017 Summer https://lecture.ucsf.edu/ets/Play/f1f671ec89bd44238dd60e73647eb8a81d
October 27, 2016 Fall https://lecture.ucsf.edu/ets/Play/d1de5c03091646a68c9dd78da552669a1d
June 2, 2016 Summer https://lecture.ucsf.edu/ets/Play/a9f338410d18496fb99f2c853c144e7e1d
January 28, 2016 Winter http://lecture.ucsf.edu/ets/Play/e36ccd3b08584944b3ebb04dc467e3ef1d
June 1, 2015 Summer http://lecture.ucsf.edu/ets/Play/44a1043ae5a34d51b2f83e43543cde451d
February 24, 2014 Winter http://lecture.ucsf.edu/ETS/Play/a28f32dff385464b8a57fc9d2204e8c71d
June 2, 2014 Summer http://lecture.ucsf.edu/ETS/Play/0757a5c0e2e4472f8f54b7808a1cb4db1d

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