Task Force / Ad Hoc Committee

January 2024 Academic Senate Affiliations Task Force. Membership | Meeting Schedule
August 2021 COVID-19 Faculty Support Committee. Membership | Meeting Schedule
August 2020 The Physician Engagement Representation Work Group is a group of faculty physicians in the School of Medicine who are working to increase the voice and impact of physicians within UCSF Health. This work group has a representative from the Academic Senate on it, who is a member of the SOM Faculty Council.
June 2020 UCSF Academic Senate created the Equitable Recovery Task Force (ERTF).
April 2020 The Clinical Affairs Advisory Group (CAAG) brings together clinical faculty from the UC health science campuses to discuss common issues. CAAG is a systemwide advisory group, but it is not an official committee or task force of the systemwide Senate.
February 2018 UCSF Academic Senate created the Education Space Policy Task Force (ESPTF). Membership | Agenda/Minutes | Report
February 2018 UCSF Academic Senate created the Academic Space for Clinicians Policy Task Force (CPTF). Membership | Agenda/Minutes | Report
September 2017 Joint Senate-Administrative Review Committee of the Campus Affiliation Policy - Shaping UCSF’s Clinical Mission: Campus Affiliation Policy, Clinical Affiliate Agreements and the Healthcare Landscape.
October 2016 UCSF Academic Senate created the Task Force on Clinical Affiliate Agreements and Quality of Care. The Task Force’s work is now complete, and the final report has been submitted to the faculty.
September 2016 UCSF Academic Senate has created an Allowable Effort Task Force to examine if UCSF should modify the existing policy that limits the maximum amount of effort allowable on sponsored projects to 95%? Click here to view the January, 2017 Allowable Effort Task Force report.
September 2016 UCSF Academic Senate has voted to disestablish the Sustainability Committee. The standing committee has been replaced with an ad hoc committee on sustainability.
September 2012 UCSF Academic Senate Division Chair Robert Newcomer has called for the creation of a Bylaw Review Task Force to review the current San Francisco Division bylaws to address a number of issues related to the standing committees that have emerged in the last few years. The Task Force’s objective is to submit proposed bylaw revisions to the Division in time for a vote at the May 2013 Division meeting.
September 2012 The Academic Senate has approved the creation of a Sustainability Committee. The group currently acts as a task force to address opportunities from faculty to improve environmental sustainability in their academic roles, including increasing sustainability in the UCSF curriculum.
This group is continuing the work of the 2007-2008 Sustainability Task force. Click here for the archived previous group.
February 2012 The UCSF Academic Senate has created a Governance Task Force. Click here for more information.
February 2011 The UCSF Academic Senate has created a task force to carefully review Academic Senate membership for all faculty at UCSF. Please contact the members of this task force with your input on the issue. Click here for more information.
May 2010 UCSF Task Force reviews the UC Commission on the Future First Round of Recommendations from the Working Groups March 2010. For more information, contact Senior Senate Analyst Shilpa Patel.

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