Academic Senate Office

Contact Information

500 Parnassus Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94143-0764
Room MUE-231
Office Email:
Campus Mail: Box 0764
Telephone: (415) 476-1308

San Francisco Division Staff

Staff Address Email Phone Committee Assignment/Responsibility
Todd Giedt
Executive Director
MUE 231, Box 0764 Telephone: (415) 476-1307
Cell Phone: (415) 640-3070
Academic Freedom
Committee on Committees
Division Meetings and Votes
Executive Council
UC Systemwide Issues and Committees
Alison Cleaver
Associate Director
MUE 231, Box 0764 Telephone: (415) 476-3808 Academic Personnel
Campuswide Projects
Chancellor’s Fund
Cross-Committee Projects
Dentistry Faculty Council
Rules and Jurisdiction
Artemio Cardenas
Senior Senate Analyst
MUE 230, Box 0764 Telephone: (415) 476-4245 Academic Planning & Budget
Faculty Welfare
Medicine Faculty Council
Nursing Faculty Council
Karla Goodbody
Senior Senate Analyst
MUE 253, Box 0764 Telephone: (415) 476-9683 Clinical Affairs
Equal Opportunity
Library & Scholarly Communication
Pharmacy Faculty Council
Lillian Fine
Senate Analyst
MUE 253, Box 0764 Telephone (415) 514-2696 Educational Policy
Courses of Instruction
Graduate Council
Kenneth Laslavic
Senior Senate Analyst
MUE 253, Box 0764 Telephone (415) 476-8827 Privilege & Tenure
Research and Travel Grants/Journals
Kathryn Sill
Senate Communications Specialist
MUE 253, Box 0764 Telephone: (415) 502-7660  


The mission of the San Francisco Division Office of the Academic Senate is to provide the highest level of analytical and administrative support, guidance, coordination, communication and assistance in matters concerning members of the Academic Senate and associated UCSF Faculty.