Faculty Research Lecture Award Basic Science - Past Recipients

Year Recipient Event Year Recipient Event
2022-2023 Alexander (Sandy) Johnson, PhD 65th 2023-2024 Andrej Sali, PhD (current recipient) 66th
2019-2020 Kevin Shannon, MD 63rd 2021-2022 Jim Wells, PhD 64th
2017-2018 Robert Stroud, PhD 61st 2018-2019 Carol Gross, PhD 62nd
2015-2016 David O. Morgan, PhD 59th 2016-2017 Arturo Alvarez-Buylia 60th
2013-2014 Jonathan Weissman 57th 2014-2015 Susan J. Fisher 58th
2011-2012 Ying-Hui Fu & Louis J. Ptáček 55th 2012-2013 John Rubenstein 56th
2009-2010 Ken A. Dill 53rd 2010-2011 Lewis L. Lanier 54th
2007-2008 Gail R. Martin 51st 2008-2009 Elizabeth H. Blackburn 52nd
2005-2006 David Julius 49th 2006-2007 Peter Walter 50th
2003-2004 James Cleaver 47th 2004-2005 Shaun Coughlin 48th
2001-2002 Jay A. Levy 45th 2002-2003 Ronald D. Vale 46th
1999-2000 Donald E. Ganem 43rd 2000-2001 Zena Werb 44th
1997-1998 Arthur Weiss 41st 1998-1999 Roger A. Nicoll 42nd
1995-1996 Irwin D. Kuntz 39th 1996-1997 Keith Yamamoto 40th
1993-1994 Charles J. Epstein 37th 1994-1995 Lily Yeh Jan and Yuh Nung Jan 38th
1991-1992 Julien I. E. Hoffman 35th 1992-1993 Carroll L. Estes 36th
1989-1990 Stanley B. Prusiner 33rd 1990-1991 Henry R. Bourne 34th
1987-1988 Michael M. Merzenich 31st 1988-1989 Ira Herskowitz 32nd
1985-1986 Bruce M. Alberts 29th 1986-1987 Anselm Strauss 30th
1983-1984 Y. W. Kan 27th 1984-1985 Harold E. Varmus 28th
1981-1982 William J. Rutter 25th 1982-1983 Paul Ekman 26th
1979-1980 M. Margaret Clark 23rd 1980-1981 John Severinghaus 24th
1977-1978 Abraham Rudolph 21st 1978-1979 J. Michael Bishop 22nd
1975-1976 Manual F. Morales 19th 1976-1977 Walther Stoeckenius 20th
1973-1974 E. Leong Way 17th 1974-1975 John C. Craig 18th
1971-1972 Rudi Schmid 15th 1972-1973 Gordon M. Tomkins 16th
1969-1970 Kenneth T. Brown 13th 1970-1971 John A. Clements 14th
1967-1968 William F. Ganong 11th 1968-1969 Richard J. Havel 12th
1965-1966 Paul M. Aggeler 9th 1966-1967 Isadore S. Edelman 10th
1963-1964 William R. Lyons 7th 1964-1965 Julius H. Comroe, Jr. 8th
1961-1962 David M. Greenberg 5th 1962-1963 Choh Hao Li 6th
1959-1960 Herbert M. Evans 3rd 1960-1961 Warren D. Kumler 4th
1957-1958 I. Lyon Chaikoff 1st 1958-1959 Karl F. Meyer 2nd


History of the Faculty Research Lecture

Early in 1957 the Coordinating Committee and the Research Committee of the San Francisco Division of the Academic Senate took note of the fact that other campuses for some years had included, as part of the Charter Day activities, a lecture by a distinguished member of the faculty.  To extend this procedure to the UCSF campus, Professor Melvin Calvin was invited to deliver a lecture in Toland Hall on the Friday night of Charter Week.  This lecture, which dealt with the topic of photosynthesis, was delivered on March 29, 1957.  Stimulated by the success of this experience, the Committees proposed that the Research Committee

Shall from time to time select for confirmation by the San Francisco
Division a member of that Division who has made a distinguished
record in research, to deliver a lecture upon such topic as he/she may
see fit.  The confirmee is to be designated Faculty Research Lecturer
for the San Francisco Division.

The Committee agreed that it would follow the pattern of the Berkeley Division of keeping the nomination confidential, and that the lecture would be given some time during charter Week.

Originally, an ad hoc committee was appointed to nominate the first Faculty Research Lecturer.  In 1960 the Committee on Research decided to take on this duty itself, until there were enough former Lecturers to set up a small ad hoc committee to assume the responsibility.  In 1961 the Research Committee chair received a letter from a Senate member recommending another member of the faculty for the honor.  This led the Committee on Research to agree to solicit recommendations from department chairs and directors of institutes "in order to avoid the possibility of overlooking any deserving individual."  Such letters would be marked, and considered confidential.  For a few years the Committee kept the nominations on file for consideration the following year.  In 1966 the Committee on Research decided to solicit new nominations each year from the deans, department chairs, directors of institutes, and members of the Senate.


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