Small Funding Opportunities - SOD Dean's Office & Academic Senate

UCSF Academic Senate

The UCSF Academic Senate has three opportunities: Travel Grants, its Enrichment Fund, and a Learning & Development Fund. All three will open late-January 2017 for application submission.

The Travel Grants are open to all faculty, as long as they have a 50% appointment. Focus is for attendance at research- or education curriculum-focused conferences. Maximum reimbursement is $2,000. These grants are for future attendance, not for reimbursement of past meetings. They are awarded on a rolling basis, pending funding availability.

The Enrichment Fund is open to all faculty, at or above a 50% appointment. You can seek small grant funding in support of activities, services, or items that would enhance work-life well-being, or anything not covered by pre-existing grants or Departmental/Division mechanisms. Maximum reimbursement is $3,000. This can include (but isn’t limited to):

  • Types of software;
  • Dental models or figures used in a classroom or research setting;
  • Personal training or education (developing a TED-style talk, improving grant writing skills or public speaking skills, etc.)
  • Group applications accepted (up to four faculty can combined in one grant application – for a maximum of $12,000)

There will be a clear and firm deadline by when these applications should be received, and by when they will be awarded. Within the Senate Office, Senior Analyst Artemio Cardenas is the point of contact for questions (; 415.476.4245).

The Learning & Development Fund will open up for 2017 in January and focuses on individual or group learning and faculty development trainings. Award ranges from $2000-$5000 including travel to conferences. Interested faculty must have appointments of 50% or greater. Types of projects for which you can seek funding include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Faculty who are exploring projects related to Changes to the 24/7 Dental Center
  • Faculty who are exploring new skillsets for entire Divisions or Departments (up to four faculty can combine in one grant applications – for a maximum of $20,000)
  • Faculty interested in obtaining management training for future departmental or divisional leadership roles
  • Faculty who are attending conferences to learn new clinical skills can apply for reimbursement of future conference registration
  • Faculty whose application will benefit the campus-at-large, not just the School of Dentistry

There will be a clear and firm deadline by when these applications should be received, and by when they will be awarded. Within the Senate Office, Associate Director Alison Cleaver is the point of contact for this award (; 415.476.3808).

A Call for Applications will be sent out in January 2017 from the Senate Office to the Allacad listserv.

SOD Dean’s Office

Separately, there also exists the SOD Dean’s Faculty Development Fund – which is open now. This is a different funding opportunity with different guidelines – it’s awarded on a rolling basis.

The School of Dentistry Dean’s Office offers Faculty Development Funds to postdocs, junior researchers and clinical faculty once a year to attend conferences. Examples of types of events funded include but aren’t limited to: symposium-level or plenary presentations at meetings of national or regional professional societies.

The principal goal of the Dean’s Faculty Development Fund is to promote faculty development in order to benefit the School of Dentistry. Faculty applying for this fund will be asked to provide a short presentation after the fact to SOD faculty.

You must be a minimum of 40% time faculty member in order to apply. For more information, please review information available here: and click to review the Adobe Acrobat document with detailed application information.

Application and funding for this is on a rolling basis, for a maximum of $2,000 per faculty member once a year. SOD Associate Dean Sheila Brear manages these funds.