University of California Graduate Degree Program Proposal Review Process*

  1. Consultation
    Faculty members consult with the Graduate Division, and Budget and Resource Management (BRM). In the case of Self-Supporting Professional Graduate Degree Programs the briefing will address topics including but not limited to Self-Supporting Professional Graduate Degree Program policy and the Cost of Education Template.
  2. Faculty members develop degree program proposal **
    Faculty members work with their department(s) and school to draft a proposal in consultation with the Assistant Dean in the Graduate Division.
  3. Graduate Division Dean’s Office reviews proposal
    The proposal is reviewed by the Graduate Dean’s Office then the proposal and a single letter is forwarded to both Graduate Council and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Budget and Resource Management at once for simultaneous review.
    Review process: one to two months
  4. Simultaneous Review
    4.1 Administrative Review
    BRM will review the proposal budget for financial and administrative viability. Once their review is complete, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Budget and Resource Management will communicate their approval to the Academic Senate Office, copying the Graduate Dean’s Office.
    Review process: one month
    4.2 Graduate Council reviews proposal
    The Graduate Council reviews degree proposal. During its review process, the Graduate Council must consult with the Committee on Educational Policy, the Committee on Courses of Instruction and/or the Committee on Academic Planning & Budget.
    Review process: two to three months.
  5. Academic Senate vote by the Coordinating Committee and the full Division
    Once BRM and Graduate Council approve the proposal, and each separate letter from the simultaneous review are independently received by the Academic Senate, the proposal is forwarded to the Academic Senate Coordinating Committee by the Graduate Council Analyst. With the Executive Council’s approval vote, the Academic Senate staff (Graduate Council Analyst) will launch an electronic vote for all UCSF faculty (i.e. the Division of the Academic Senate) on the proposal. Once approved by the Division, the Graduate Council Analyst will send a letter to Graduate Dean and Associate Dean, Budget and Resources Management, the School sponsoring the proposal, and the faculty point of contact for the proposal to notify them of the outcome of the vote.
    Review process: two months
  6. Chancellor’s and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost offices
    The Graduate Council Analyst forwards the proposal to both the EVCP and Chancellor for review and approval. The letter will be addressed to both the EVCP and the Chancellor for concurrence prior to final sign-off by the Chancellor, which is indicated by the Chancellor’s letter to UCOP (Provost and Executive Vice President and CCGA Chair). The original, signed by the Chancellor, is transmitted to the UC Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs (CCGA) and the Academic Senate, Graduate Division, BRM, the School sponsoring the proposal, and the faculty point of contact for the proposal are copied on the transmission.***
    Review process: one month
  7. UC Systemwide Coordinating Committee for Graduate Affairs (CCGA)
    Once the proposal reaches CCGA, a lead reviewer is assigned. Review includes a full committee discussion, interchange with the campus to clarify issues, written review of the proposal by two experts in the discipline, and a site visit by the lead reviewer. Recommendation for approval is forwarded to the UC President’s office.
    Review process: four to six months -
  8. University of California Office of the President
    The President approves implementation of the new degree program based on recommendation from CCGA and the Provost and Executive Vice President.
    Review process: one month

Tips & Expectations
  • Timing will depend on the scheduling of the convening committees reviewing and approving the proposal. Generally, the proposal review process takes approximately 12-18 months to accomplish.
  • Programs should plan for additional time for student recruitment.
  • Certificate programs are reviewed through steps 1-5.
  • CCGA – Committee which includes representatives from each of the ten University of California Campuses. The representatives are usually the chairs of the Graduate Councils on each of the campuses.

Degree Program Proposal Review Process Flowchart
Graduate Council