Bloom's Taxonomy for Course Objectives

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a hierarchical classification of the different levels of thinking, and should be applied when creating UCSF course objectives.

Course objectives are brief statements that describe what students will be expected to learn by the end of the course. They are intended to help reviewers better understand the course and to evaluate its content. Course objectives may also be used in the accreditation process for your Department, School or the UCSF campus.  Course objectives are not included in the Course Catalog.

Avoid writing objectives that are ambiguous or difficult for an instructor or student to measure. Avoid verbs that are open to many interpretations such as "understand" or "learn."

1. Write objectives in a numbered list.

2. Quantity of objectives should be measurable to the amount of units for a course.  As an average, write 4-6 objectives. If necessary, consolidate objectives to have a more concise list with broader topics that are specifically related to the content of the course.

3. Write each objective as though it could complete the phrase:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to …
        "Demonstrate techniques/skill/proficiency in ..."
        "Identify the key components of ..."
        "Analyze and apply information related to ..."
        "Develop strategies for ..."

4. Choose a verb that matches the desired level of knowledge or skill for each objective. Verbs should indicate specific, measurable, and observable behaviors.

Define Recall Recognize                  
Assist Communicate Discuss Engage Explain Identify            
Demonstrate Employ Execute Implement Instruct Perform Practice Prescribe Utilize      
Debate Describe Examine Gather Justify Review Summarize          
Assess Compare Determine                  
Complete Compose Design Develop Formulate Generate Integrate Prepare Present Provide Produce Write

4a. Download course objective verbs (everything on this page in a Microsoft Word document.)

4b. Copy this reference chart to your computer or smart device:

Bloom's Taxonomy Verb Chart


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