2018-2019 Chancellor's Fund Financial Plan – Budget

Committtee & Proposals Continuing New 2017-2018 Allocation 2018-2019 Allocation Notes
Academic Freedom
$5,000 $5,000
Faculty symposium on academic freedom in town hall format. Intended focus will be Revenue-Generating Partnerships (RGP). Three of four Faculty Councils have agreed to partner with CAF on this symposium.
Academic Personnel
$11,200 $0
 PMAP Advisory Council members are continuing to make presentations upon request to departmental/divisional meetings. They are doing so with no stipend.
Academic Planning & Budget
$0 $0
Clinical Affairs
$60,000 $0
Management of C-FLEX has been assumed by SOM
Clinical Affiliate Faculty Engagement (CAFÉ)
$1,900 $2,500
Funding to hold 1 of CAC's meetings at a UCSF’s affiliate site in 2018-2019; continuation of successful program from prior years.
Committee on Committees
$0 $0
Courses of Instruction
$0 $3,400
Request for the following upgrades to the online Courses System:
1) Develop a new, redesigned Course Unit Calculator
2) revise the Course Review Help Manual;
3) update and extend the Course Review Application Program Interface (API) to all four Schools;
4) develop a new user Login Validation for the online UCSF Course Review system.
Educational Policy
Co-sponsor a grant with AME
 Co-sponsor an interprofessional education grant with Academy of Medical Educators
Travel Grants & co-sponsoring an AME grant
$15,000 $20,000
 Continuing the 2017-2018 Travel grants with an educational curricular focus; increasing that amount from $15K to $30K.
Equal Opportunity
Faculty Workshop
$6,500 $7,000

Co-sponsor ½ day workshop with the ODO, CCSOW (Chancellor’s Commission on the Status of Women, others TBD). Targets female, under-represented and new faculty, although all faculty will be invited. Funds will pay a portion of costs to bring Kerry Ann Rockquemore, PhD, President & CEO of the NCFDD.

NCFDD Boot camp
$10,000 $15,800
Subsidized participation in NCFDD's Faculty Success "Boot Camp" for URM faculty.
Faculty Welfare
Faculty Back-up Care Program
$20,000 $20,000
This proposal requests $25,000/year to accomplish two important improvements to the existing program. It seeks to expand program access by serving more faculty when they need care, and to deliver greater value by eliminating the cumbersome annual enrollment fee that UCSF has required.
Dependent Care Travel Grants
Dependent care for faculty traveling to conferences. Matching funds by the four Schools is also a possibility depending on demand.
Faculty Enrichment Fund
$70,000 $70,000
Awards up to $3,000 faculty grants to support activities, services, or items that enhance work-life and/or well-being at work for UCSF faculty members.
Graduate Council
$0 $0
Library & Scholarly Communication
Open Science Initiative (formerly the 'Open Access' initiative)
$110,000 $120,000
Continues our institution’s critical support of Open Access (OA) Publishing and expand our capacity for sharing of data. In addition, a small fraction of this funding to our Data Science Initiative. This pilot program will expand currently oversubscribed educational programs in bioinformatics, statistics,programming and data management to better serve junior faculty.
Privilege & Tenure
$0 $0
Travel Grants
$20,000 $20,000

Expands COR's travel grants of $1,500 each to $30K; grants are used to support travel to assist faculty to present research results at meetings of learned societies, conferences, and continuing education courses.

Rules & Jurisdiction
$5,000 $5,000
Year 2 of pilot to support/encourage faculty volunteering in community. Senate Office has received a lot of inquiries since the Chancellor's State of the University address; at the end of that address, he mentions a staff volunteering endeavor. On the website for that, it also encourages faculty volunteering and directs people to the Senate's CF site listing the opportunity.
$0 $0
The Sustainability standing committee was eliminated in 2015-16 and replaced with an ad-hoc committee.
Faculty Engagement
Faculty Engagement Fund
$8,455 $20,000
Used for Division meetings, Town Halls, drawing project, & other meetings.
Fall Travel Grants (Education, Research, Clinical)
Fall Travel Grants
Senate Office Proposal to offer second travel grant application window for education, research, and clinical trainings. Intention is to have a single application for all conferences. Funds will cover registration, travel, and hotel stay for a maximum of $2K per faculty member.
Senate Office PMO-L&O Project
Strategic Planning & Trainings (SWOT/LEAN)
Working under contract with PMO Office, and with consult from L&O Office, to re-vamp office to better serve changing UCSF landscape. Includes LEAN training, and reconfiguring office and staff responsibilities.
Senate Internal Communications
Internal Communications Analyst Position
$85,000 $0
Senate to hire a freelancer until additional campus space is allocated in spring 2019. Funding for this role will come out of the Senate Office Budget.
SOD Faculty Council
Faculty Learning & Development Fund
$25,000 $25,000
Straight transfer to SOD's own Learning & Development Fund in 2018-2019
SOM Faculty Council
Faculty Learning & Development Fund
$30,000 $35,000
Straight transfer to SOM's own Learning & Development Fund in 2018-2019. Matched with $25K from the SOM Dean.
SON Faculty Council
Faculty Learning & Development Fund
$25,000 $25,000
Straight transfer to SON's own Learning & Development Fund in 2018-2019
SOP Faculty Council
Faculty Learning & Development Fund
$25,000 $25,000
Dean will match Senate’s funds. All funds will be distributed from SOP administration to faculty, following Council-led application process.
Sub-Total $533,055 $478,300  
Carry-Over $33,055 $30,000
Funds left over from departure of Senate Internal Communications Analyst in August 2018
Total $500,000 $448,300  
Additional Funds $0 $51,700  
Total Available to Spend in 2018-19 $500,000  


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