APPENDIX VIII Procedures for Submission and Review of Proposals for Modification of Legislation


The purpose of these procedures is to clarify the steps to be followed for submission of proposed amendments to bylaws.


1.10 The individual, group of individuals, or committee that is proposing the amendment (the “proposer”) shall prepare a proposal that includes a statement of purpose, pros and cons and the effect of the proposed amendment on existing legislation. [Div. Bylaws 35.D., 45.A.]

1.11 If the proposal is to amend a standing committee, the proposal must first be submitted to the subject committee. If not, then proceed to 1.13.

1.12 The committee shall consider the proposal at its next scheduled meeting. If all committee members are not in agreement with the proposal, the arguments by committee members against the proposal shall be included as "cons," appended to the original proposal by the proposer and submitted to the Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction (R&J).

1.13 R&J shall review the proposal for consistency with the Code of the Academic Senate [Div. Bylaw 120.B.1]. If revisions are needed, R&J shall return the proposal to the proposer to make revisions or, if not, forward the proposal to the Division Chair within 30 calendar days.

1.14 The final proposal shall be submitted by R&J to the Division Chair [Div. Bylaw 10.B.4] with a cover letter identifying the proposer and providing evidence that the proposal has been considered by the standing committee in question if applicable. The Division Chair shall schedule the proposed bylaw change at the next appropriate Coordinating Committee meeting for review and approval.

1.15 The Coordinating Committee shall consider the proposed bylaw change and suggest any additional pros and cons [Div. Bylaw 35.D]. Upon approval by the Coordinating Committee, the proposed bylaw change(s) shall be presented to the Division for approval.

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