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Ballot on Tobacco Industry Funding Research

“Should we, the faculty, at UCSF refuse to accept any funding from the tobacco industry, and the foundations it supports, an agreement that would be binding for all UCSF faculty?"
Combined Results from the Senate, Clinical and Adjunct Faculty Responses
Yes 64% (411 votes)
No 31% (206 votes)
Abstain 4% (24 votes)
The survey was sent to 1,977 individuals (in total), 641 responded (32% response rate).

Tobacco Documents of Interest

Chronological List of Actual Tobacco Policies at Other Universities.

UCSF Professor Stanton Glantz Testimony Before Regents Related to Tobacco Funding - January 2007.

August 17, 2006 - U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler - Rulings Related to Federal Government Lawsuit Against Tobacco Companies Including Violations of RICO Statute

Special Town Hall Meeting

Petition for UCSF policy

Other Articles of Interest:

Letters to California State Officials

UC President communication regarding tobacco funding for research.

Articles from Petition Authors:

Tobacco CEO's Before Congress 1994 News Clip:

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