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A Faculty Handbook for Success

Advancement and Promotion at UCSF

Update Notice:
An update to several online links in the web version (PDF) of the Faculty Handbook for Success was made on August 27, 2013. If you downloaded the Faculty Handbook for Success prior to this date you should replace it with this version (web.rev.1d.08/27/2013)

A Faculty Handbook for Success
(Advancement and Promotion at UCSF)

The Faculty Handbook for Success, Advancement, and Promotion at UCSF was developed and designed by the UCSF Academic Senate. It provides essential information about faculty appointments, advancement and promotion, as well as information about faculty life and campus resources. Whether you are considering joining the UCSF faculty or are already a member, we hope that you will find this information useful in all of your academic endeavors.

This 2013 (revised) edition supersedes the 1995 edition of this faculty handbook.

Download the 2013 (revised) Faculty Handbook PDF: A Faculty Handbook for Success
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