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Bylaws, Regulations, and Appendices of The University of California,

San Francisco Division of the Academic Senate

Table of Contents



A. Regents Standing Orders
B. UC Academic Senate


1. Membership
A. General Provisions
B. Transferring of Voting Privileges, Membership of Statewide Officers
C. Voting Privileges of Instructors and Visitors
5. Powers and Duties
A. General Provisions
B. Electronic Voting
7. Areas of Responsibility
A. Jurisdiction of the San Francisco Division
B. Jurisdiction of the Assembly
C. Authorization of Courses, Curricula, and Higher Degrees
D. Curricular Changes
E. Recommendation of Candidates


A. Executive Officer
B. Officers
C. Terms
10. Chair
A. Term
B. Duties
C. Vacancy of Chair
13. Vice Chair
A. Term
B. Duties
15. Secretary
A. Term
B. Duties
17. Parliamentarian
A. Term
B. Appointment and Membership
C. Duties
18. Representative Assembly [ABOLISHED 2003]
20. Divisional Representatives to the Assembly
A. Term
B. Selection
C. Alternate
25. Executive Office
A. Organization
B. Duties


Section I. General Provision: Uniformity of Procedures

A. Legislation
B. Modification of Legislation
C. Day

Section II. Specific Provisions

30. Quorum
31. Attendance of Non-members of the Division
A. Presidents of the Student Body Organizations
B. Reserved and Unreserved Seating
C. Open and Closed Meetings
D. Special Requests
35. Modification of Legislation
A. Due Notice and Review
B. Requisite Majorities
C. Formal Presentations
D. Effective Date
E. Suspension of Regulations
F. Faculty Council Legislation
40. Divisional Meetings
A. Annual Meeting
B. Special Meetings
C. Emergency Meetings
41. Representative Assembly Meetings [ABOLISHED 2003]
45. Agenda and Minutes of Meetings
A. Call for a Meeting
B. Action on Items Not on the Call
C. Minutes

Section III. Rules of Order

General Provision
50. Order of Business at Regular Meetings
A. Order of Business at Regular Meetings
B. Consent Calendar
51. Roll Call Vote [ABOLISHED 2003]
55. Order of Business at Special Meetings
A. Order of Business at Special Meetings
B. Authority in Questions of Order

Section IV. Resolutions and Memorials

60. Resolutions to the President
A. Definition
B. Procedures
63. Memorials to The Regents
A. Definition
B. Procedures
64. Ballot


General Provisions
65. Election and Nomination Procedures
A. Notice of Election and Invitation for Nominations
B. Nominations for the Committee on Committees
C. Nominations for Faculty Councils
D. Ballots
E. Counting the Ballots
F. Number of Votes Required for Election
G. Tie Votes
H. Omission of the Ballot
66. The Representative Assembly [ABOLISHED 2003]
70. Ballots on Actions or Measures
A. General Provisions
B. Conduct of the Balloting
75. Referendum and Reconsideration
A. Referenda on Divisional Actions
B. Reconsideration


Section I. General Provisions

80. Committee Responsibilities and Authority
A. Committees of the Division
B. Responsibility to the Division
C. Authority to Report
D. Voting Eligibility
85. Selection and Composition
A. Selection of Committees
B. Composition of Committees
90. Terms and Tenure of Membership
A. Term of Members of Standing Committees
B. Tenure of Ad Hoc Committees

Section II. Faculties

95. Powers of Faculties
A. Government and Supervision of Schools [see Bylaw 100(C)]
B. Delegation of Authority
C. Approval of Student Petitions
D. Awarding of Degrees
E/F. Dismissal of Students
G. Reporting of Agencies and Administrative Officers
H. Acting as a Committee of the Division
100. Membership of Faculties
A. Membership of Faculties
B. Voting Eligibility
C. Organization of Faculties
D. Recommendations by Faculties

Section III. Standing Committees of the San Francisco Division

General Provision
101. Composition
A. Standing Committees
B. Parallel Committees to the Academic Senate
C. Local Committees
D. Ad Hoc Committees
E. Attendance of Non-Members of Committees at Committee Meetings
102. Committee on Committees
A. Membership
B. Term of Office
C. Nominations
D. Ballots
E. Instructions for Voting
F. Results of Elections
105. Organization of Committee on Committees
A. Election of Chair and Vice Chair
B. Vacancies
C. Duties
110. Committee on Academic Personnel
A. Membership
B. Duties
112. Committee on Academic Planning and Budget
A. Membership
B. Duties
115. Committee on Educational Policy
A. Membership
B. Duties
C. Referral to UCEP
120. Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction
A. Membership
B. Duties
122. Committee on Equal Opportunity
A. Membership
B. Duties
125. Graduate Council
A. Membership
B. Duties
C. Graduate Council Committees
130. Executive Council
A. Membership
B. Duties
135. Research Committee
A. Membership
B. Duties
140. Committee on Academic Freedom
A. Membership
B. Duties
141. Committee on Privilege and Tenure
A. Membership
B. Duties
145. Committee on Courses of Instruction
A. Membership
B. Duties
160. Committee on Faculty Welfare
A. Membership
B. Duties
165. Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication
A. Membership
B. Duties
175. Committee on Clinical Affairs
A. Membership
B. Duties


SFR 745. Classification of Courses
A. Undergraduate Professional
B. Graduate Professional
C. Postgraduate Professional
D. Graduate Academic
E. Postgraduate Academic
SFR 750. Persons in Charge of Courses
Section 750 (UC Website)
SFR 775. Grades
A. Grades
B. Grade Points
C. Grade Y
D. Grades of P/NP
E. Grade I
F. Procedure for Student Grievances in Academic Affairs
G. Correction of Grades
H & I. Repeat of Courses
J. Grading of IP
SFR 779 Grades -- Candidates for the DDS Degree
SFR 785 Grades -- Candidates for the MD Degree
A. Grades
B. Grade H
C. Grade E
D. Grade I
E. Revision of Grades
F. Repetition of Courses
G. In Progress Grade
SFR 795 Grades -- Graduate Academic Students
SFR 905 Student Status -- Disqualification
A. Scholastic disqualification: probation or dismissal
B. Professional disqualification: probation or dismissal


1.0 Purpose
2.0 Review of Student Academic Performance
3.0 Step 1: Initial Screening of Eligibility for Dismissal
4.0 Step 2: In-Depth Review and Dismissal Decision
5.0 Appeal

APPENDIX I Standing Order of the Regents 105

APPENDIX II Regulations of the Graduate Council

APPENDIX III Bylaws, Regulations and Procedures of the School of Dentistry

APPENDIX IV Bylaws, Regulations and Procedures of the School of Medicine

APPENDIX V Bylaws, Regulations and Procedures of the School of Nursing

APPENDIX VI Bylaws, Regulations and Procedures of the School of Pharmacy

APPENDIX VII Divisional Procedures for Student Grievances in Academic Affairs

APPENDIX VIII Procedures for Submission and Review of Proposals for Modification of Legislation

APPENDIX IX Standing Rule for Faculty Voting


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