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APPENDIX IX: Standing Rule for Faculty Voting
Approved by faculty vote in September 2013. Enacted October 1, 2013

1.0 Standing Rule*:
All full-time faculty members will be reviewed by their peers for academic actions and will participate fully in voting matters pertaining to the UCSF campus.
1.1 Definitions:
Full-time: Per the University of California Academic Personnel Manual (APM) faculty members appointed to Academic Senate series (i.e. Ladder Rank, In Residence or Clinical X) series must have a full-time commitment to the University. For example, for In Residence faculty members APM 270-16 states, "100% of employment allocated among one or more appointments to academic titles or be certified by the Chancellor (or designee) that his or her sole professional commitment is to the University”.
Peers: All full-time faculty including Ladder Rank, In Residence, Clinical X, Health Sciences Clinical and Adjunct who are at or above the level of the proposed action.
Academic actions: All promotions, barrier steps, accelerated/decelerated actions greater than two years and appointments (except those below Assistant 3).
Voting matters: All academic action votes as well as those related to departmental, school and UCSF campus governance.
*(Organizations sometimes adopt rules of procedures that add or vary from the rules of parliamentary law as stated in their parliamentary authority. …The rules that are intended to stand until revoked are termed standing rules. Organizations have the right to adopt special or standing rules by majority vote without notice and to abolish or amend them in the same manner. The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, A. Sturgis, © 2001, Chapter 24: Charters, Bylaws, and Rules)
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