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Proposed UCSF Open Access Policy

The UCSF Academic Senate will be conducting a vote on a proposed Open Access Policy for UCSF at the May 21st Division Meeting.

The meeting will be held from noon to 2 pm in Room HSW-300 on Parnassus and in the Arthur and Toni Rembe Auditorium in Rock Hall at Mission Bay.

For more information about the proposed policy, please see:

  1. Letter to the UCSF Division of the Academic Senate from Richard Schneider, PhD, Chair, Committee on Library on Scholarly Communication.
  2. Proposed UCSF Open Access Policy.
  3. Frequently Asked Questions.
  4. UCSF Open Access Policy Presentation.

Questions about the proposed policy may be sent to:

Richard A. Schneider, PhD
Chair, Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication

Letters of support:

  1. Committee on Academic Freedom
  2. Committee on Academic Personnel
  3. Committee on Academic Planning and Budget
  4. Committee on Research
  5. Coordinating Committee
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