UCSF Senate Faculty Vote on the Proposed PhD in Epidemiology & Translational Science

The UCSF School of Medicine seeks to establish a new transdisciplinary curriculum of graduate study leading to a Doctor of Philosophy in Epidemiology & Translational Science. The program will strengthen and expand the epidemiologic training available at UCSF and develop academic areas of focus that draw on the strengths of our faculty and the campus such as genetic, molecular, clinical, cancer and social epidemiology as well as pharmacoepidemiology and health outcomes research. Epidemiology will serve as a key discipline (“an Epicenter”) in team and translational science and in problem-based learning at UCSF. Graduates will be prepared to assume roles in education and research in academia, public health, government and industry.

UCSF Academic Senate Faculty

Number of Votes


184 votes 94%
10 votes 5%
1 vote 1%
Total 195 votes 100%

The full text of the program proposal can be found here:

Last Webpage Update: 6/26/13

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