Appendix 2

The Questionnaire
A task force has been assembled by the Academic Senate to investigate whether the careers of Clinician Scientists at UCSF have become more difficult to attain and maintain, and if so whether campus wide policies and practices can be modified or implemented to improve this situation. This task force includes Brian Alldredge (SOP), Meg Wallhagen (SON), Arnie Kahn (SOD), Stan Glantz (SOM), Nelson Schiller (SOM), Diane Dillon (OVCAA) and is chaired by Dan Bikle (SOM). We define Clinician Scientists as faculty who by training, desire, performance, and academic expectations pursue a career which includes both clinical responsibilities and research in contrast to faculty whose primary focus is clinical care with limited research activity (Clinicians), those whose activities are primarily research with no clinical responsibilities (Researchers), and those whose primary activities are administrative with little or no clinical and research activity (Administrators). Your input is very important in helping us identify the problems facing the Clinician Scientist at UCSF. So please take a few minutes to respond. All replies will be kept anonymous unless you provide your name at the end of the questionnaire. Thank you.
  1. What is your career path at UCSF
    1. ___Clinician Scientist
    2. ___Clinician
    3. ___Researcher
    4. ___Administrator
    5. ___Other_______
  2. What is your current title or academic rank?
    1. ___Professor
    2. ___Associate Professor
    3. ___Assistant Professor
    4. ___Instructor
    5. ___Other_______
  3. What is your degree
    1. ___PhD
    2. ___MD (or equivalent)
    3. ___MD/PhD
    4. ___DDS (or equivalent)
    5. ___DDS/PhD
    6. ___PharmD
    7. ___RN
    8. ___RN/PhD
    9. ___Other_____
  4. What is your current series
    1. ___Ladder Rank
    2. ___In Residence
    3. ___Clinical X
    4. ___Clinical
    5. ___Adjunct
    6. ___Professional Research
  5. Has your series changed while at UCSF
    1. ___no
    2. ___yes from ______________
  6. What is your School
    1. ___Medicine
    2. ___Dentistry
    3. ___Pharmacy
    4. ___Nursing
  7. What is your department _______________
  8. How is your salary currently supported? Give percentages, should add up to 100%.
    1. ____% Grants
    2. ____% Patient care
    3. ____% Administration
    4. ____% Teaching
    5. ____% Other_______
  9. How was your salary supported 5 years ago? Give percentages, should add up to 100%.
    1. ____% Grants
    2. ____% Patient care
    3. ____% Administration
    4. ____% Teaching
    5. ____% Other_______
    6. ____Not on the faculty 5 years ago
  10. How do you currently partition your professional time? Give percentages, should add up to 100%.
    1. ____% Research
    2. ____% Patient care
    3. ____% Administration
    4. ____% Teaching
    5. ____% University and public service
    6. ____% Other______
  11. How did you partition your time 5 years ago.
    1. ____% Research
    2. ____% Patient care
    3. ____% Administration
    4. ____% Teaching
    5. ____% University and public service
    6. ____% Other______
    7. ____Not on the faculty 5 years ago
  12. ___On a scale of 1 to 5 how has your grant funding changed over the past 5 years.
    1. ___No longer funded
    2. ___Less well funded
    3. ___No change
    4. ___ Better funded
    5. ___ Increased substantially
  13. ___On a scale of 1 to 5 how has your peer reviewed publication record changed over the past 5 years
    1. ___No longer publishing
    2. ___Publishing less
    3. ___No change
    4. ___ Publishing more
    5. ___ Increased substantially
  14. Have you changed areas of research in the past 5 years?
    1. ___yes
    2. ___no. If no skip to question 16.
  15. If yes was the change prompted by having less time to do research?
    1. ___yes
    2. ___no
  16. Does your current balance of professional activities reflect your desired balance?
    1. ___yes. If yes skip to question 18.
    2. ___no.
  17. If the answer to question 16 is no, provide your preferred balance. (1=more, 2=same, 3=less)
    1. ___Research
    2. ___ Teaching
    3. ___ Patient care
    4. ___ Administration
    5. ___University and public service
    6. ___Other (specify)
  18. What factors are preventing you from achieving your desired balance (check all that apply).
    1. ___Difficulty in obtaining resources for research (grants, equipment, technical and administrative support, space)
    2. ___Time crunch because of family/other outside responsibilities
    3. ___Clinical service responsibilities
    4. ___Teaching requirements
    5. ___Committee work
    6. ___Promotion issues
    7. ___Lack of effective mentoring
    8. ___Other (state)
  19. In the early stages of your career at UCSF how much mentoring did you receive.
    1. ___None
    2. ___Some but inadequate
    3. ___Sufficient
  20. Who provided the mentoring.
    1. ___Chair or division chief
    2. ___Senior faculty in the division
    3. ___Faculty outside the division
    4. ___Other_______
  21. ___On a scale of 1 to 5 how has support from the following sources for your research in terms of financial and administrative support and protected time changed over the past 5 years? 1=no current support, 2=decreased support, 3=no change, 4=increased support, 5=increased substantially
    1. ___Campus wide (includes Academic Senate and REAC grants)
    2. ___School (Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry)
    3. ___Department
  22. Would greater latitude and support for collaborative research be helpful for your career at UCSF?
    1. ___yes
    2. ___no
  23. Do you believe that clinical research involving direct patient interactions receives the same support, recognition and credit for promotion purposes as more basic research at UCSF?
    1. ___yes
    2. ___no
  24. Are you
    1. ___Female
    2. ___Male

We would like to interview selected respondents. All interviews will be in strict confidence. If you are interested in being interviewed, please state your name, how you can be reached, and the general issues you would like to discuss with us.

Please provide additional comments regarding these questions and/or related issues that are affecting your career at UCSF positively or negatively. Thank you for your input.
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