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Biomedical Sciences Stream

Cell Structure and Function

first 10 weeks essentially unchanged. Final 5 weeks contain material on cell signaling (permeability, ion channels, pumps, exchangers, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, electrical signaling in nerve and muscle, intercellular communication in the nervous system).

Structure & Pathology of Tissues

consists of the histology course combined with the first half of the General Pathology Course (inflammation, cell injury, healing, repair, regeneration, neoplasia). The material from the histology on cells and tissues will be presented first, followed by general histology topics, followed by organ-specific histology topics, which will be taught in parallel with organ-specific anatomy topics in the Gross Anatomy course)

Infection & Host Response

the current Microbiology course with the addition of the Pharmacology lectures on antibiotics

Structure of Organs

the current Gross Anatomy and Head & Neck Anatomy courses, with the addition of a 2 week segment on Neuroanatomy at the end.

Organ Systems and Human Pathophysiology Course

a new 3 quarter course in which the physiology, pathology, pharmacology, and therapeutics of individual organ systems will be taught. This course incorporates all of the current Oral Medicine 122 course, as well as the bulk of the current Physiology and Pharmacology courses. It culminates with a block of material on the Oral and Maxillofacial system, currently taught as a separate 1.5 quarter Oral Pathology course.

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