(a selected set of recommendations by committees that have considered reforms in the dental curriculum)Faculty Council (7/1/99)

Evaluation Report of Commission on Dental Accreditation (1991)

  • The scientific method should be further emphasized in clinical instruction.
Report from BSCC Subcommittee on Curricular Review (1993)
  • The curriculum should be re-organized to give students significant amount of independent study time.
  • Minor courses should be consolidated into major ones.
Report from CSCC Subcommittee on Teaching of Pathophysiology (1994)
  • Establish a problem-based course in Clinical Therapeutics.
  • Enhance the teaching of Pathophysiology.
Institute of Medicine report (1995)
  • Eliminate marginally useful and redundant course content.
  • Reduce excessive course loads.
  • Shift curriculum hours from lectures to guided seminars that develop problem-solving skills.
  • Prepare future practitioners for more medically based modes of oral health care.
Strategic Plan (1996 Revision)
  • The curriculum should be intellectually challenging, scientifically current, and biomedically oriented.
  • The curriculum should provide students with an education in which problem-solving and critical thinking are fundamental to the clinical instructional program.
  • The curriculum should provide students with an education in which the principles of clinical medicine and physical and psychological diagnosis are better integrated with oral health care.
  • The curriculum should promote life-long learning.
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