Appendix 4

Questions for the focus groups
  1. Anecdotal data and responses to our survey suggest that Clinician Scientists are experiencing conflicts in their role and difficulties in balancing their research and clinical activities.
    1. What aspects of the environment make it difficult to carry out these two roles?
    2. Are there aspects of the environment that you feel are supportive of carrying out both of these roles:
    3. How do you think the environment can be changed to make it more supportive, and what strategies should be employed to do so?
  2. Most respondents to our questionnaire did not feel that the way they spent their time represented their preferred balance, and, in particular, wanted more time for research and less time dedicated to clinical responsibilities. If this is true for you what suggestions do you have for altering the balance between research and clinical activities?
  3. Most respondents to our survey indicated that they receive (d) inadequate mentoring.
    1. What experiences have you had with successful mentoring, and what made it successful?
    2. What mentoring experiences have been problematic and why?
    3. What changes at UCSF would promote better mentoring?
  4. A desire for greater latitude and support for collaborative research was nearly universal among our respondents.
    1. What examples do you know of where collaborative research has been successful, and what are the key components of that success?
    2. What are the barriers at UCSF to collaborative research?
    3. What are your suggestions to promote more collaborative research?
  5. Clinical research involving direct patient interaction was considered by most of our respondents as not having the same support, recognition, and credit at UCSF as more basic research. If you share this concern.
    1. Do you believe this leads to an unfair promotion process for clinician scientists?
    2. How should our culture at UCSF be changed to ameliorate this problem?
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