The 2016-2017 Academic Senate Distinction in Teaching Awards Call for Nominations

Nomination Deadline
Friday, December 16, 2016, 4:00 pm
Distinction in Teaching Awards Nomination Form

Since 1958, the San Francisco Division has annually recognized exceptional Senate faculty members who have shown distinction in teaching. Beginning in 2002, eligibility for this award was expanded to include faculty in the Health Sciences Clinical and Adjunct series. UCSF faculty in the Ladder Rank, In Residence, Clinical X, Health Sciences Clinical and Adjunct series who have appointments at 50% or greater time (at UCSF or its affiliates) are now eligible for the Distinction in Teaching Award in two categories: Category One is for faculty at UCSF for five years or fewer and Category Two is for UCSF faculty at UCSF more than five years.

UCSF students (including residents or fellows) or faculty may nominate UCSF faculty for the Academic Senate Distinction in Teaching Awards and are strongly encouraged to do so.

Recipients of this award will receive an award plaque, an honorarium and will be recognized by the Academic Senate in a campuswide ceremony to be held in Spring 2017.

Nominators must complete the Academic Senate Distinction in Teaching Awards Nomination Form and submit this form with the required documentation to the nominee’s Department Chair. Department Chairs and nominators should coordinate and transmit complete nomination packets electronically to Alison Cleaver in the Office of the Academic Senate no later than 4:00 p.m. FRIDAY, December 16, 2016.

Download the Academic Senate Distinction in Teaching (DIT) Awards Nomination Form.

Nomination packets should include the following:

  • The Academic Senate Distinction in Teaching Awards Nomination Form.
  • Letter of nomination from the nominator.
  • Nominee’s current CV.
  • Letters of support from UCSF faculty (no more than three.)
  • Letters of support from UCSF students, residents, or fellows (no more than six; at least three of the letters must be from current students.)
  • Student, resident or fellow teaching evaluations in the format customary to the department. NOTE: If you are seeking eValue scores, you must notify the nominee that they’re being sought. Such information won’t be provided without faculty nominee’s consent.
  • Letter of support from the Department Chair, which summarizes the nominee’s teaching hours, courses and types of teaching, versatility, effectiveness, mentoring, and personal contact with students, residents, or fellows. All letters may be addressed to “The DIT Award Selection Committee.”

A list of prior DIT Award Winners can be found here.

Electronic nomination packets must be no more than 20 double-sided pages (40 pages in total). The CV does not count in this limit. Letters of support from faculty and students should emphasize the nominee’s outstanding qualities, and address the nominee’s effectiveness as a teacher, relevance to the professional or academic needs of the students, mentoring, availability, versatility, outstanding teaching style and/or outstanding teaching aids.

Additional questions may be addressed to Alison Cleaver, Associate Director for the Academic Senate Committee on Academic Personnel, at 415.476.3808.


The deadline for nominations is 4:00 p.m., Friday, December 16, 2016.


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