Faculty Enrichment/Needs
Faculty Welfare Committee


Chancellor's Fund 2017 is Closed for Accepting Applications

Amount: Up to $3,000 maximum per award

Total Amount in Fund: $86,000

Key Dates:
Proposal Due Date: March 15, 2017
Applicants Notified of Decision: April 17, 2017

The Faculty Enrichment/Needs Fund continues to be intended for small grants to support activities, services, or items that would enhance work-life and/or well-being at work for a UCSF faculty member.


  1. UCSF faculty appointment must be at 50% or greater
  2. Awards are limited to $3000 maximum (Partial funding may be offered)
  3. For requests for furniture (e.g., sit-stand desks) and computers, applicants must attest that they are unable to get these through their department/unit, or through an ergonomics evaluation (where relevant) -- but no signature will be required from department Chair or representative. These also must be for the faculty member’s use, not for staff (research or otherwise) use;
  4. For requests for software, applicants must first check MyResearch to see if it is available for free (if it is, we will not fund);
  5. Requests that will benefit multiple faculty – e.g., to support a group of faculty who meet regularly around a theme like a writing group, a leadership group, etc., including to pay for speakers/consultants for that group will be considered. This can be in the form of a single request from one faculty member to support a group (max $3,000), or a bundled request from four or more faculty members for the same activity (with a limit of $12,000 total for the group);
  6. Requests for personal expenditures, for example personal entertainment or personal travel, will be excluded from funding;
  7. Faculty funded in FY 2015 and 2016 will not be funded again this year as individual faculty may only be funded once every 3 years in order to make the funds available to as many faculty as possible over time. Faculty who applied through a group proposal in previous years are excluded from the 3-year rule.
  8. Funds can be used for any learning or development activity that has occurred, or will occur during the 2016-2017 academic year (July 2016 – June 2017)

Application Process:
Applicants must submit a PDF with their request including what the request is for, the amount requested, a brief paragraph explanation about how funding of the request will enhance a faculty member’s work-life and/or well-being at work. In consultation with the Faculty Welfare committee, the Academic Senate Office staff will evaluate the submitted proposals to determine whether they meet all of the guidelines of the fund. If proposals do not meet the necessary requirements, they will be returned to the applicant. Once all eligible applications have been determined, if the number/amount requested exceeds the amount of funding available, the Faculty Welfare Committee will hold a lottery to make all final selections.

All awardees of the funds will be required to provide a summary of their experience and notes on the usefulness of the conference, course, or activity they participated in using the funds.

Please click here for access to the online application.

Contact: Artemio Cardenas (415) 476-4245