COVID-19 Relief Fund
Faculty Welfare Committee


Closed for Accepting Applications


Amount: Up to $500 maximum per award *

Total Amount in Fund: $146,000

Key Dates:

Proposal Due Date: April 1, 2022. No exceptions will be made.
Applicants notified of decision by May, 2022.


The COVID Relief Fund is intended to give faculty members some relief from the challenges resulting from COVID.


  1. UCSF faculty appointment must be at 50% or greater
  2. Awards are limited to $500.

Application Process:

Applicants must submit a PDF with a brief statement (1-2 paragraphs) providing four pieces of information: (1) their names, (2) whether they previously received a Senate COVID-Relief Grant, (3) how COVID adversely impacted them, and (4) how they would use an award of up to $500 for professional purposes. The Committee on Faculty Welfare will use the application statements to understand how COVID has impacted faculty and to advocate on behalf of faculty. The Committee will not use faculty members’ names unless permission is granted. However, the committee may use examples from the statements. Please keep this in mind as you prepare statements.

Additionally, please keep in mind that your application must propose a professional use for the award. If, for example, COVID increased your dependent care costs, you may explain that in your statement as to how you were impacted, but the award cannot be used for dependent care because dependent care is not a professional expense. The Committee on Faculty Welfare wants these awards to be flexible, but they must be used for a work-related purpose and will be deposited in a 5000 fund. Examples include paying for statistician time, grant review, additional office supplies, cleaning supplies, or PPE. Additionally, you may request funding for office equipment for home use.

If the number of eligible applications exceeds the available funding, a lottery will be used to select who receives funding. Priority will be given to faculty who have not received a Senate COVID-Relief grant. If applications exceed funding, CFW will remove applications from faculty members who previously received a grant and run the lottery. CFW will run a second lottery for applicants applying for a second grant if any funds remain.

Please click here for access to the online application.

Contact: Kristie Tappan

* In the announcement email, the maximum amount was erroneously listed as up to $1,000. It is up to $500.

  • Additional Information
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  • 2. Comments from Previous FAR Fund Recipients: SOM | SOD, SON & SOP
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  • Notice
  • Funding, submission rules, eligibility criteria, and other requirements are subject to change for each Chancellor's Fund cycle.
  • Be sure to review the website after every “Call for Applications” is launched to learn the updates and prepare your application accordingly.