Community Service and Volunteering


  • How To Apply
  • 1. Faculty Learning and Development: SOD, SOM, SON and SOP School Faculty Councils.
  • 2. Faculty Enrichment/Needs: (varies by faculty) including educational training, PR consultant hiring, software purchases, supplementing travel grants. Sponsored by Faculty Welfare Committee.
  • 3. Community Service and Volunteering: Individual awards to reimburse faculty for sundry purchases related to either individual or group/team activities related to volunteerism in the community. Sponsored by Committee on Rules & Jurisdiction.
  • 4. Travel Grants: Educational Curriculum, Research and Professional Meeting. Sponsored by Committees on Educational Policy, Research and Faculty Welfare, respectively.
  • Steps for all Chancellor's Fund applications
Community Service & Volunteering is CLOSED, Not Accepting Applications


Amount: Up to $500 maximum per award for future activities. The Senate will not reimburse for activities already accomplished.

If a department is renting a UCSF van to use in shuttling UCSF employees to a group/team volunteer activity, the Senate can grant up to $1,000 in total for the event.

Total Amount in Fund: $5,000

Key Dates:
Proposal Due Date: no later than June 1, 2019

Applicants Notified of Decision: End-of-month on a rolling basis upon receipt of application. Grants awarded on a first-come first-served basis, upon completion of risk assessment review.

Individual awards to reimburse faculty for sundry purchases related to either individual or group/team activities related to volunteerism in the community.

In the 2017-2018 academic year, faculty members of the Rules & Jurisdiction Committee (RJC) discussed the multiple natural disasters in the country, including the Northern California fires, and the general intention to recommit to the UCSF Mission and contribute to their community in more meaningful ways.  Committee members also felt this could provide a satisfying social outlet for individual faculty who might end up meeting colleagues they might not otherwise run into professionally.

The community-oriented content-neutral non-political activities RJC members envision supporting are non-clinical and as such, separate from campus responses via the UCSF Global Disaster Assistance Committee. Nonetheless, committee members aim to support faculty participation and wanted to provide small grants to offset costs related to such activities.

Guidelines for Application:

  1. Reimbursement might be for gas or mileage, or for items related to the activities such as (for example) garbage bags for those participating in beach clean-up days.
    • The Senate will not reimburse for salary support.
    • If using personal transportation to get to the event, please do not have as passengers other UCSF employees. This is consistent with UCSF Risk Management policies.
  2. Any grant awarded will bebased on content-neutral criteria and cannot be used to further unlawful campaign advocacy or ballot measure advocacy.
  3. Because these activities are being promoted by the UCSF Academic Senate, and using UCSF funds to provide small grants, this is considered a work activity – not a personal activity. Faculty will be considered to be in the course and scope of employment when participating in any sponsored community or volunteer activities.
    • All University rules will apply during this activity including Faculty of Conduct, and guidelines on Sexual Harassment Prevention.
    • If faculty are injured in the course of such activity, Workers’ Compensation coverage would be triggered. As such, all activities and venues will be screened by someone in authority at UCSF to assure they are safe, held in reasonably secure surroundings, and do not entail undue risk.
  4. We do not endorse using a personal car to travel to the volunteer site. We suggest traveling via our UCSF shuttle system (available for rent), walking or using public transportation. A faculty member using their own vehicle will be liable for any accident-related damages or injuries sustained during travel under their personal auto insurance. Preferred alternatives which offer liability coverage include:
    • Renting a UCSF shuttle: Go here for online application (use Firefox browser.) Please note this is for UCSF Departments only. Process requests subject to availability. If they cannot accommodate, they provide a series of charter bus companies for service.
      • The Senate considers the cost of renting a passenger rental van for such a group activity eligible for reimbursement through this grant.
    • Zipcars: available at many UCSF locations around the city and fully insured by Zipcar.
    • Commercial auto/van rentals under the UC-negotiated contracts.

Application Process:

Applicants must submit a single PDF detailing the organization they intend to volunteer with, its affiliation (if any) with UCSF, the type of volunteering they will be doing – including date, time, location –, what they’re requesting funding for and the dollar amount of that request. 

Please click here for access to the online application.

Guidelines for Review:
All applications will be reviewed at the May and/or June Rules & Jurisdiction Committee. Preliminary review will also be conducted by the Risk Assessment Office. Guidelines for the Senate’s Chancellor’s Funds apply here as well: to benefit as many faculty in as many different series, assuming they are at 50% appointment time at UCSF.

In consultation and partnership with the Risk Management Office, faculty members of the Academic Senate’s Rules & Jurisdiction Committee staff will fund grants on a first-come first-served basis upon completion of risk assessment review, and until funds are depleted.  

PRIDE Values:
UCSF Values of Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence should always be represented when out in the community. We are representing UCSF when with our teams in a non-profit setting so please keep these values in mind.

Keep all ability levels in mind when choosing a non-profit. If needed, research the accessibility to the non-profit building and make sure a variety of activities available for volunteers.

Some volunteer sites may request you to be involved in slightly strenuous activities. Please note that standing for long periods of time, or repeatedly moving in the same motion for a prolonged amount of time may increase risk of injury.

Contact: Alison Cleaver, Associate Director, UCSF Academic Senate Office (415) 476-3808

  • Additional Information
  • 1. Financial Plan – Budget Overview (2018-2019)
  • 2. For information on the 2017-2018 Chancellor’s/Faculty Academic Renewal Funds, please review the UCSF Academic Senate Office Annual Report (pages 11-16).
  • 3. Comments from Previous FAR Fund Recipients: SOM | SOD, SON & SOP
  • 4. Comments from Faculty Learning and Development Fund Recipients: SOD
  • Notice
  • Funding, submission rules, eligibility criteria, and other requirements are subject to change for each Chancellor's Fund cycle.
  • Be sure to review the website after every “Call for Applications” is launched to learn the updates and prepare your application accordingly.