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Faculty Concerns About the Activity-Based Workplace Planned
for the Mission Bay Academic Building and Beyond

UCSF faculty members are concerned about the plans for an activity-based workplace in new and remodeled space at Mission Bay and Parnassus. Please review the information listed below. UCSF faculty members are welcome to add their name to concur and/or provide a comment.
Surprising Office Politics at UCSF Mission Bay: Why does it cost too much to build offices for medical faculty in Mission Hall?” (Updated 11/25) by Chris Newfield.
Quantitative relationships between occupant satisfaction and satisfaction aspects of indoor environmental quality and building design by Monika Frontczak, Schiavon, Stefano, John Goins, Edward A. Arens, Hui Zhang, Pawel Wargocki (Center for the Built Environment, UC Berkeley).
Workspace satisfaction: The privacy-communication trade-off in open-plan offices by Jungsoo Kim, Richard de Dear.
Indoor climate, psychosocial work environment and symptoms in open-plan offices by J. Pejtersen, L. Allermann, T. S. Kristensen, O. M. Poulsen.
Traditional versus Open Office Design: A Longitudinal Field Study by Aoife Brennan, Jasdeep S. Chugh and Theresa Kline.
Individual differences in employee reactions to open-plan offices by Alena Maher, Courtney von Hippel.
The effect of office concepts on worker health and performance: A systematic review of the literature by Einar De Croon, Judith Sluiter, Paul Kuijer and Monique Frings-Dresen.
Faculty Workspace Task Force Recommendations (including Appendices A, B & C) - May 7, 2013.
Appendix D - portfolio of workspace articles.
Faculty comments received as of May 8, 2013.
Basic science researchers' letter of concern regarding activity-based workspace plans for renovated space in the Parnassus Health Sciences West building (Andrei Goga and Noelle L'Etoile to Patti Mitchell and Lori Yamauchi, March 14, 2013).
Link to photos from a tour of the mock-up activity-based workplace (images by Matt Springer).
Academic Senate Communication to Faculty Regarding Faculty Workspaces Future and Present Plans (February 8, 2013).
Academic Senate Communication Regarding Faculty Concerns (December 18, 2012).
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