Committee On Academic Planning and Budget
2007-2008 Annual Report

2007-2008 Annual Report

Appendix 1: Summary Comparison of FY 2007-08 Budget Allocations

Appendix 2: Update on Activities of the Office of Academic and Administrative Information Systems Presented to the UCSF Academic Senate Committee on Academic Planning and Budget October 18, 2007.

Appendix 3: Classroom Improvement Initiative Presentation by Joseph I. Castro, Associate Vice Chancellor Student Academic Affairs (November 15, 2007).

Appendix 4: School of Medicine Presentation Regarding Joint Chancellor and School Bridge Funding Program (February 14, 2008).

Appendix 5: Parnassus Design and Long Range Plan Presentation from Lori Yamauchi, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Campus Planning.

Appendix 6: Communication from the Chair of the Task Force to Review Faculty Reimbursement of Grant Cost Overruns to UCSF Senate Chair David Gardner (February 25, 2008).

Appendix 7: Source Documents and Recommendations of the Task Force Reviewing the Proposal for a New Department of Emergency Medicine are indexed and available for download from this Web page.

Appendix 8: Report from the UC Information Technology Guidance Committee (ITGC): Creating a Cyber Infrastructure.

Appendix 9: Report from the Chancellor’s Data and Voice Services Advisory Committee (DVSAC).

Appendix 10: Communication from Nancy Adler Representing Academic Units at Laurel Heights to the Committee on Academic Planning and Budget (February 11,2008).

Appendix 11: Information and Data Regarding Laurel Heights Space Usage from Joe Castro, Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Academic Affairs.

Appendix 12: Communication from the Committee to Academic Senate Chair David Gardner Regarding Academic Space Concerns at Laurel Heights (May 15, 2008).

Appendix 13: Communication from the Chancellor to the Academic Senate Regarding Space Allocation at Laurel Heights (June 3, 2008).

Appendix 14: High Level Summary (two pages) of the Huron Group’s 12 Recommendations.

Appendix 15: Presentation from Mike Irwin, Executive Director, Financial Services and Administration; James Asp, Director, University Development and Alumni Relations regarding Development Office Funding.

Appendix 16: Development Office Funding Model Proposal from the Huron Group.

Appendix 17: The Huron Group Proposal for Funding IT Infrastructure.

Appendix 18: Matrix of FY 2008-09 Budget Issues Prepared for the Chancellor’s Executive Budget Committee.

Appendix 19: Recommendations from the Committee to the Chancellor Regarding Budget Issues FY 2008-09 (June 19, 2008).

Appendix 20: 2008-2009 Attendance Record.

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