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Mentoring Task Force

Mary Croughan, PhD, Chair
Dorothy Bainton, MD, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Co-Chair
Martin S. Bogetz, MD
Molly Cooke, MD
Christine Des Jarlais, Assistant Dean, Post-Doctoral Affairs, Graduate Division
Barbara Gerbert, PhD
Rachel Goldstone, Director, Student Well-Being, School of Medicine Dean's Student Affairs
Hobart Harris, MD
Sharad Jain, MD
Nancy Kaltreider, MD
Donald Kishi, PharmD
Daniel Lowenstein, MD
William Margaretten, MD
Sally Marshall, PhD
Nancy Milliken, MD
Joan O'Brien, MD
Geraldine Padilla, PhD
Jean Ann Seago, RN, PhD
W. Sue Shafer, PhD
Dolores Shoback, MD
Susan Wall, MD

Meeting Schedule 2002-2004

Meeting Review
December 4, 2002
12-04-02 12-04-02
March 20, 2003
03-20-03 03-20-03
November 4, 2003
11-04-03 11-04-03

Documents of Interest

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