We are sorry to report that the Senate Office is no longer accepting applications for Research Travel for fiscal year 2002-03.

We have awarded all available funds for this fiscal year and are working very hard to mitigate any potential reduction of Academic Senate funds available to the UCSF faculty for Research Travel, however we will not know the amount of funding available for 2003-04 until the University's budget is finalized. The Senate Office will be happy to accept applications for travel taking place from July 1, 2003 - June 30, 2004, however funds cannot be awarded until the Senate Office budget is finalized. We will release a call for applications as soon as we confirm the availability of funds for 2003-04.

Academic Senate Committee on Research
Call for Applications for Travel Funds

Funding Cycle: July 1, 2002-June 30, 2003

The Academic Senate Committee on Research is pleased to announce that it is accepting applications for Travel Grant Awards up to $750.00 for fiscal year July 1, 2002 - June 30, 2003. Funds are available to help faculty who are salaried at 50% or more or full time in the ladder-rank, in-residence, clinical X, adjunct, clinical or research series, and to appointees in the librarian series to defray airfare costs to meetings of learned societies or to organized conferences that are sponsored by research agencies for the purposes of reporting important results of original research by way of oral or poster presentation. Applications are accepted throughout the fiscal year on a first come, first serve basis. Only one grant may be awarded to faculty who meet all the criteria each fiscal year. Grants are awarded based on actual airfare cost, up to an amount of $750.00 total. Applications for Travel Expenses cannot be accepted after the travel date.

How to Apply:

Applicant must submit the following required documentation to the Academic Senate Office, Travel Grants, Box 0764, MUE 230 at least two weeks prior to travel:

1. A completed Application for Travel Expenses (Form U196*) This form is available for download:
Press here for the Form if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader.
If you DO NOT have Acrobat Reader installed in your PC, Press here for the Form.
2. An Abstract of data being presented.
3. A copy of the official letter from the sponsoring organization showing confirmation or invitation to present.
4. A copy of your airline reservation or ticket showing the total airfare amount.

If you meet the criteria for funding, the Academic Senate Office will notify you within 2 weeks and forward your approved application to the UCSF Accounting Department. If, after you have been approved for a travel grant you require a travel advance, you must complete a Request for Travel Advance (UFIN 114-2) [http://acctg.ucsf.edu/olfsweb.htm] and send it to the Accounting Office Travel Desk (Box 0812). If you are requesting reimbursement after your travel, you must file a Travel Expense Voucher (U85-2) [http://acctg.ucsf.edu/olfsweb.htm] within ten working days of the end of your travel and send it to the Accounting Office Travel Desk. A copy of the voucher must also be submitted to the Academic Senate Office, Travel Grants, Box 0764 in order to close out your travel grant and allow you to be eligible for another.

Please direct any questions to the Academic Senate Office 476-1307.

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