James Cleaver, PhD, Chair

Meeting of October 3, 2001


PRESENT: J. Cleaver (Chair), J. Lansman, J. Levine, T. Roberts, E. Davies, R. Pieper, L. Pereira, W. Max, T. De Marco, R. Lee, K. Shokat, S. Hall, R. Reijo Pera, B. Drew

ABSENT: A. Burlingame, M. Goldsmith, C. Morris, M. Ratcliffe (Vice-Chair), R. Jones, G. Vyas, R. Kramer, J. Weincke, P. Babbitt

The meeting of the Committee on Research was called to order by Chair Cleaver on October 3, 2001 at 8:45 am in Room N417. A quorum was present.

Announcement from the Chair

Chair Cleaver made the following announcements:

  • 23 Individual Investigator grant applications have been received for the Fall round of funding. These grants will be distributed to Committee members within one week and each member will review 2-3 grants.
  • Mark Goldsmith, MD, PhD has resigned his membership on the Committee. He will be leaving the University.
  • Discussion of the Proposal for the Center for Health and Community will be postponed to a future meeting pending initial discussion within a taskforce composed of members from the Senate Committees of Academic Planning and Budget, Research and Graduate Council.

Review of Proposal for Professional Research Series Salary Increase

Committee members J. Levine and W. Max distributed a draft review of this proposal for comment from the Committee. The Committee supports the intent of the proposal to mandate parity between the salary scales of the Professional Research Series and the Professor Series, but questions the feasibility of the transition period for implementation of this parity outlined in the proposal. The Committee believes that the cost of implementing salary increases can only be absorbed over a period of five years (rather than the recommended three) to allow faculty dependent on five-year grants to incorporate salary increases in the renewal of these grants. Chair Cleaver will draft a final response to this proposal and will submit it to the Committee to approve by email. This response will be communicated to Academic Senate Chair Dan Bikle by October 15, 2001.

Discussion of Travel Grant Policy

The Committee is responsible for setting policies related to awarding travel grants and last year the Committee increased the grant award to an amount up to $750 for airfare travel only. The Office of the Academic Senate administers these grants on behalf of the Committee, which are only available to Academic Senate faculty. There is a need to clarify the established policies for granting travel awards. Current policy allows faculty to apply for a travel grant in each fiscal year (from July1-June 30.) Some faculty have been applying and then re-applying for travel grant awards in a time period of less than one calendar year. While technically the applications come in different fiscal years and do not violate the stated policy, a few have come within months apart (e.g. if a travel grant is approved in the spring, and then another application is made in the fall.) At the request of Academic Senate Director Tamara Maimon, the Committee discussed this situation and whether a policy change should be implemented to indicate that a specified period of time must elapse between applications from an individual faculty member. The Committee believes that any policy change would unduly complicate the application procedure and would penalize faculty members who may need to travel in consecutive months. The Committee felt that the current policy should remain unchanged.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 a.m.

Senate Staff:
Elizabeth Langdon-Gray
Senate Analyst

University of California, San Francisco
San Francisco, CA 94143, (415) 476-9000
The Regents of the University of California