James Cleaver, PhD, Chair

Meeting of September 5, 2001


PRESENT: J. Cleaver (Chair), L. Pereira, J. Lansman, J. Levine, T. Roberts, E. Davies, R. Pieper, C. Morris, R. Jones, W. Max, T. De Marco, R. Lee

ABSENT: M. Ratcliffe (Vice-Chair), R. Kramer, A. Burlingame, S. Hall, M. Goldsmith, J. Weincke, P. Babbitt, R. Reijo Pera, B. Drew, G. Vyas

GUESTS: D. Bikle, Senate Division Chair, T. Maimon, Senate Office Director, J. Pittman, Senate Analyst

The meeting of the Committee on Research was called to order by Chair Cleaver on September 4, 2001 at 8:45 am in Room S30. A quorum was present.

Announcement from the Chair

Following introductions of all Committee members present, Chair Cleaver provided an overview of the work before the Committee. Chair Cleaver outlined the scope of both the Individual Investigator and Shared Equipment Grants, which are awarded by the Committee and noted that further explanation and discussion of the award process for both these grants will take place at a future meeting.

Chair Cleaver noted that the Committee is also responsible for setting policies related to awarding travel grants and that last year the Committee increased the grant award to an amount up to $750 for airfare travel only. The Office of the Academic Senate administers these grants on behalf of the Committee, which are only available to Academic Senate faculty. Tamara Maimon, reported that there is a need to clarify the established policies for granting travel awards. Currently policy allows faculty to apply for a travel grant in each fiscal year (from July1-June 30.) She indicated that some faculty have been applying and then re-applying for travel grant awards in a time period of less than one calendar year. She expressed concern that while technically the applications come in different fiscal years and do not violate the stated policy, a few have come within months apart (e.g. if a travel grant is approved in the spring, and then another application is made in the fall.) Ms. Maimon asked the Chair and Committee to consider scheduling a discussion of this matter at a future meeting in order to review the existing policy and provide clarification regarding the period of time that should lapse between travel grant awards. Ms. Maimon also reported that funds available for travel grants for the 2001-02 fiscal year is approximately $35,000.

Chair Cleaver noted that each year the Committee selects the recipients of the annual Faculty Research Lectureship and for the first time this year, the newly created annual Distinguished Clinical Research Lectureship. The Faculty Research Lectureship has been awarded for the past forty-four years to a member of the UCSF faculty for outstanding achievements in scientific research. The lectureship was last year awarded to Zena Werb, PhD, and the Committee will select a 2001-2002 recipient in the Spring of 2002. The Distinguished Clinical research Lectureship was created by the Committee last academic year and approved by the Academic Senate this summer. This lecture will honor the achievements of a UCSF faculty member in the area of clinical investigation that has had a direct impact on patient care. This lectureship will parallel the prestige of the Faculty Research Lecture, which has traditionally been awarded to basic scientists. The first Distinguished Clinical Research Lecture will take place on Friday, November 9, 2001 at 3:30 p.m.. in Cole Hall.

Additionally, Chair Cleaver noted that the Committee on Research will continue to participate in the review of research policy at the UCSF campus and on a systemwide level. He indicated that he would look to the Committee to both raise issues of research policy as well as to respond to requests to review and comment on policies proposed on campus and at the systemwide level.

Special Presentation – Dan Bikle, MD – Chair, Academic Senate

The Committee welcomed Academic Senate Chair Bikle for a brief presentation of the expanded role of the Committee on Research within the Academic Senate. Chair Bikle noted that the Academic Senate will continue to consider the ongoing need to recognize all aspects of scientific research at the UCSF campus; both basic and clinical. He commended the creation of the Distinguished Clinical Research Lectureship as an important contribution to this recognition. Chair Bikle then updated the Committee on significant policy issues that he will look to the Committee to consider and become involved in throughout 2001-2002:

  • Mission Bay Development and Allocation of Space at the Parnassus Heights Campus: The Committee will be actively involved in the review of proposed research space allocation at both the Mission Bay campus and at Parnassus Heights. The Committee will continue to apprise itself of developing proposals affecting both locations. There are currently no proposals directly before the Committee for review, but the issue remains an important one and will continue to require Committee consideration throughout the year. Chair Cleaver will serve as the Academic Senate’s representative on the Parnassus Heights Space Release Committee.
  • Creation of ORUs/Non-ORUs – The Committee will review the proposal for the creation of a Non-ORU Center for Health and Community, submitted by Nancy Adler, PhD. The Committee has been asked to lead a task force consisting of members of the Graduate Council and APB to review this proposal. Chair Cleaver indicated that Mark Ratcliffe, Committee Vice-Chair will be asked to lead the sub-committee to consider this proposal. Committee members Betty Davies and Lenore. Pereira volunteered to assist with this review. The sub-committee will present recommendations regarding this proposal at a future meeting of the entire Committee.
  • Professional Research Series Salary Increase – a subcommittee led by Vice-Chair Ratcliffe will review this proposal and will report to the Committee at a future meeting. Committee members Jon Levine and Wendy Max volunteered to participate in this sub-committee.
  • Burrill Seed Venture Fund Agreement – The Committee will continue to apprise itself of information regarding the Burrill Seed Venture Fund Agreement. This agreement was signed by Zach Hall, Vice-Chancellor for Research on behalf of UCSF and Burrill Venture Capital in July 2001. The agreement will allow Burrill Venture Capital to identify, assess, and fund projects at UCSF that may have significant commercial potential. The scheme will provide grants of up to $500,000 for high-risk research projects that might be unlikely to attract grants from public agencies. The Committee requested that the Academic Senate Office obtain a copy of the executed agreement and will review the structure of this agreement and take a proactive role in the evaluation of any Conflict of Interest issues surrounding it.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 am.

Senate Staff:
Elizabeth Langdon-Gray
Senate Analyst

University of California, San Francisco
San Francisco, CA 94143, (415) 476-9000
The Regents of the University of California