Nancy Stotts, Ed.D., Chair

Monday, October 1, 2001


PRESENT: N. Stotts, B. Feurestein, S. Majumdar, L. Chafetz, N. Hylton, D. Kroetz, N. Lane, G. Marshall, M. Peterlin, C. Attkisson, A. Sarver, K. Woo, P. Calarco, A.Sahni, C. Des Jarlais, E. Langdon-Gray, K. Nelson

ABSENT: L. Verhey

MINUTES: The minutes of June 4, 2001 were unanimously approved.

CHAIR’S REPORT: Chair Stotts welcomed and introduced committee members, reviewed the charge to the committee, the Graduate Council bylaws, and the academic year 2000-2001 Annual Report. She updated the Council on the following recent actions: approval of the doctoral program in Physical Therapy Sciences by President Atkinson; Chancellor Bishop approval of the Masters of Advanced Studies in Clinical Research and the review of the MAS program at the October meeting of the CCGA; and, the upcoming review of the Center for Health and Community.

VICE CHAIR’S REPORT: No report at this time.

DEAN’S REPORT: Dean Attkisson welcomed committee members, voiced his appreciation for their service, and encouraged participation on various Council sub-committees. He announced the competitive grant renewal submission for the NIGMS fellowship program; the upcoming competitive renewal for the Summer Research Training Program; and, the NSF AGEP proposal to expand outreach activities to include colloquium series for math based disciplines. He provided an overview of the state and federal funding climate for research and education and announced the bill by Senator Feinstein to restrict new visas for international students for six months. Council members were asked to notify the Graduate Division if they receive requests for information on students or postdoctoral scholars from governmental agencies. UC Legal Counsel has advised all campuses that federal privacy laws need to be complied with in such instances. Dean Attkisson also provided members with the faculty Conflict of Interest policy, which will be discussed at the next meeting.

GSA REPORT: GSA president, Anne Sarver, reported that the main goal of the group this year is to increase graduate student awareness and participation in GSA activities. Three new projects planned include a "Movie Night," the update of the "Survive and Flourish Guide," and the "Graduate Division Night at the MOMA," scheduled for February 22, 2002. Bruce Alberts will be the keynote speaker for this event, which is open to graduate students, alumni, faculty, and staff. The Career and Research Day is scheduled for February 27, 2002 and the Biotech Industry Day will be held on February 28, 2002.

PSA REPORT: PSA president, Katherine Woo, reported that the PSA would like to begin working with Council members on developing mentoring guidelines for faculty who supervise postdoctoral scholars. At the Systemwide level, she reported that a UC Council of Postdoctoral Scholars has been formed to work with the Council of Graduate Deans and Office of the President on issues related to postdoctoral scholars. Campus projects this year include an information fair to be held on October 22, 2001, continuation of the Practice of Science course, and "Networking Dinners," with local business, research and educational leaders. Woo also asked for suggestions from Council members on effective ways to communicate with faculty to increase their involvement in activities.


Announcements of President Atkinson’s approval of the doctoral program in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics, approval of the CSU-UC Joint Board for the doctoral program in Physical Therapy Sciences, and Chancellor Bishop approval of the MAS program.

School of Nursing Response to the Academic Program Review External Report
Chair Stotts provided background information on the program review process on the UCSF campus. She then asked for comments concerning the Nursing response to the external review. Comments included that the response from the School of Nursing did not adequately provide a thorough and specific plan to address issues related to student support, student evaluations, and the recruitment of diverse faculty. Further discussion and review of the external report will take place at the next Council meeting.

External Report of the Biomedical Sciences Academic Program Review
Liaison to the BMS review, Dr. Hylton, reported that the report was comprehensive and was reflective of the discussions that took place during the review. The report was favorable overall and clearly delineated strengths and specific recommendations for improvement.
ACTION: Chair Stotts will forward a cover letter and the report to BMS Chair, Dr. Ganem, which requests a response to the Council on the program’s plans to address recommendations in the report.

Update on the Proposal for the Appointment and Mentoring of UCSF Research Postdoctoral Scholars
Council posed questions on the status of the proposal since it was presented to the steering committee and the to the full senate during spring 2001; Analyst Gray will follow-up with Senate Chair Bikle. Council also discussed the concerns voiced by the clinical departments regarding the proposal. Dean Atkisson suggested that Council determine those items in the proposal that may be implemented now, those that may be implemented in the future, and those that require further study, campus discussion, and data gathering. Council agreed to categorize each recommendation and appoint a sub-comittee as necessary. Further discussion of the recommendations will take place at the next meeting.

New Business

Appointed of Council Representatives for Academic Program Reviews for Academic Year 2001-2002
Associate Dean Calarco announced that the Physical Therapy review will take place on December 3-4, 2001 and the review of the program in Biological and Medical Informatics will occur in January or March 2002. Dr. Chavetz was appointed as the Council liaison to the Physical Therapy review and Dr. Lane was appointed as the representative to the BMI review.

Graduate Council Participation in the Review of the Proposed 5th School of Advanced Health Studies.
Chair Stotts provided background information on the formulation of the proposal for the 5th school, which will be coordinated by the University Committee on Research Policy. Drs. Verhey and Peterlin will serve as Council representatives to the review the proposal.

Review of the Proposed Policy for the Clinical Professor Series
Chair Stotts announced that Council was requested by the Academic Senate to review the draft language for the clinical professor series. Council agreed that the draft policy appeared fine and there was no disagreement with the language.
ACTION: Chair Stotts will inform Senate Chair Bikle that Council supports the new proposed policy.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 pm.

Submitted by:
Karen Nelson
Assistant Dean
Graduate Division

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