Deborah Greenspan, DSC, BDS, Chair

Meeting of October 4, 2001

PRESENT: Chair D. Greenspan, Dean C. Bertolami, R. Derynck, D. Curtis, D. Dennis, N. Artiga, F. Lozada-Nur, A. Miller, V. Sambajon, D. Ramos, C. Sabourin, D. Graham, P. Loomer

ABSENT: Y. Kapila, M. Dellinges

The meeting of the Dentistry Faculty Council was called to order by Chair Greenspan on October 4, 2001 at 7:36 am in Room S-30. A quorum was present.

Approval of the Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of September 6, 2001 were reviewed and edited and were then unanimously approved, as edited, by the Council.
Elections for Vice-Chair and Secretary.

Chair Greenspan asked the Council to re-examine the voting method for Council officers and determine if email or paper ballots were preferred. A Motion was made and approved to continue voting using paper ballots during Faculty Council meetings.
Council members Rik Derynck, Dennis Davis and Donald Curtis were nominated for Vice-Chair. Dr. Davis declined citing a heavy teaching schedule. An election was held using paper ballots and Donald Curtis was elected Vice-Chair; Rik Derynck was elected to the office of Secretary.

Chair’s Report

Chair Greenspan relayed that the September 2001 Faculty Retreat was very successful.

Dean’s Report

Assistant Dean Search
Dean Bertolami reported that the search for an Assistant Dean of Curricular Affairs is being concluded with two finalists and he expects the final decision to be made within a month. The Assistant Dean of Curricular Affairs is responsible for curriculum reform, accreditation and faculty development.

Finances – State of California and the School of Dentistry
Dean Bertolami reported that the Chancellor’s Office has asked all Deans to devise contingency plans for their School’s finances and budgets. The State is projecting a loss of income this year and a nine billion dollar deficit. Julian Ponce, Dean for Administration and Clinics, will be assessing possible effects on the School of Dentistry. Dean Bertolami reported that the School of Dentistry is in better shape than most due to the implementation of several important initiatives following the big budget cuts of 1991.

Dean Bertolami also reported positive news:

  • The International Dentistry Program is up and running and functioning well.
  • NIH has awarded the School of Dentistry $2 million in construction grants and the Chancellor’s office is matching this amount. An additional award from the chancellor’s office amounting to $350,000 to renovate the second floor student clinical lab has been approved.

Faculty Council Participation in School Budget Process
Dean Bertolami reported on the proposal by the Academic Senate APB Committee to participate in the review of the budgets and long range planning for all schools.


Representative Derynck reported that he is awaiting the Reconfiguration Commission report.

Academic Planning and Budget

Francine Lozada-Nur, Chair of Academic Planning and Budget, reported that this committee has not yet met.


Arthur Miller, Chair of Admissions, reported that meetings begin this week and the committee will begin to consider candidates very soon. Dr. Miller also reported that the applicant pool this year is of exceptional quality.

Educational Policy

Dr. Curtis reported that the committee is working on electronic course evaluation.

Council of Minority Faculty

No report

Student Report

Chris Sabourin, President of the Associated Dental Students (ADS), reported on the following current events:

  • Oct 14 will be Alumni Night for School of Dentistry Alumni/ae
  • The Statement of Educational Philosophy for the School of Dentistry is being widely disseminated. Posters will be placed in general clinics and specialty clinics and student participation is encouraged.
  • ADS publicity – The ADS is encouraging faculty to avail themselves of all the resources on campus for developing courses to be accessed through the web.
  • Student Teaching and Faculty Mentoring – President Sabourin reported an increase in interest in mentoring among dental students, perhaps as a result of ADS outreach through the Student Liaison Committee. President Sabourin stated his concern that the number of UCSF students returning to this campus to teach is very low.

Review of the Bylaws and Regulations

Chair Greenspan announced that the review would be undertaken at the next meeting on October 18, 2001.

Consideration of Full Faculty Meeting Schedule

Led by Chair Greenspan, the Council decided to hold the next meetings of the full faculty in November and May from 2:00-3:30p.m.; the dates have yet to be decided. Chair Greenspan will email the Council to inquire about a date and Dr. Derynck will contact the basic science groups within the School of Dentistry to inquire about a date. Dean Bertolami stated that the Dean’s office will provide refreshments.

By Motion and unanimous approval of the Committee, the meeting was adjourned at 8:53a.m.

Senate Staff:
Jennifer Pittman
Senate Analyst

University of California, San Francisco
San Francisco, CA 94143, (415) 476-9000
The Regents of the University of California