Deborah Greenspan, DSC, BDS, Chair

Meeting of September 6, 2001

PRESENT: Chair D. Greenspan, Dean for Academic Affairs T. Daniels, R. Derynck, D. Curtis, M. Dellinges, D. Dennis, Y. Kapila

ABSENT: N. Artiga, F. Lozada-Nur, A. Miller, V. Sambajon, D. Ramos, D. Graham, P. Loomer, C. Sabourin

GUESTS: Tamara Maimon, Director, Academic Senate Office, Elizabeth Langdon-Gray, Senate Analyst

The meeting of the Dentistry Faculty Council was called to order by Chair Greenspan on September 6, 2001 at 7:40 am in Room S-30. A quorum was present.

Chair’s Report

Following introductions of all Council members and Senate Office staff present, Chair Greenspan announced that minutes from the last meeting were unavailable pending approval from last year’s Council members, and that there will be two sets of minutes for consideration at the next meeting.

Chair Greenspan announced that the Admissions Committee still needs additional faculty to participate and encouraged Committee members to help recruit faculty to participate on this Committee.

Chair Greenspan requested that all Council members respond to email meeting notifications from the Senate Office by affirmatively indicating whether or not they will attend a meeting. This information is necessary to determine if the Council will have a quorum for each meeting.

Dean’s Report

Dean Daniels announced that an Assistant Dean of Community Relations and Community Education has been hired. Dean Daniels indicated that Dr. James Anderson will begin around October 8th and that he comes to UCSF from the University of Florida at Gainesville with 25 years of experience in the field of higher education, where for the last five years he has served as Director of Continuing Dental Education in their College of Dentistry.

Department /Committee Reports

Chair Greenspan and Yvonne Kapila reported that the department has two new interim Chairs –Caroline Damsky and Gary Armitage will be sharing the position. The Department has been asked by the Dean to consider re-structuring.

Preventive & Restorative Sciences
Dennis Davis reported that the International Dentistry Program (IDP), began this year and he has been very impressed with the students’ positive attitudes and work ethic.

Education Policy Committee (EPC)
Don Curtis, Chair of EPC reported that his Committee is looking for additional faculty participation. He indicated that the Committee will be reviewing the following issues: a subcommittee has been formed and is evaluating grading policies at the Dental School and the Committee will also be reviewing student concerns regarding the number and intervals of exams. This subcommittee is reviewing materials concerning current pedagogical recommendations regarding retention and comprehension as related to exam structures.


The Council agreed to postpone the elections for Vice-Chair and Secretary until the next Council meeting so that all Faculty Council members can participate in the election and voting process.


No student report.


Chair Greenspan announced that the School of Dentistry Faculty Council Bylaws need to be reviewed and updated. Dr. Greenspan indicated that there are Committees and practices in place in the School of Dentistry that need to be codified in the Bylaws and suggested that the Faculty Council might also want to, among other things, review its membership to determine if any changes are necessary. Chair Greenspan asked the Senate Office to include on the next agenda, review of the Council’s bylaws and Regulations and requested that all members bring copies of the bylaws and regulations for this Faculty Council meeting with them. These documents can be downloaded from the Academic Senate web site at

Dr. Greenspan indicated that the process for review and amendment to bylaws would require the Division Rules and Jurisdiction Committee to review all proposed changes to ensure that they are in concert with Senate Bylaws and would then be placed before the faculty for a vote.
Dean Daniels indicated that the administration had been working on revisions to the School Regulations as they relate to the administration of student discipline and would look forward to continuing that review in conjunction with the Faculty Councils’ overall review of its bylaws and regulations. He further indicated that someone from campus counsel may need to review any proposed changes to the School’s Regulations.


Chair Greenspan announced that membership is being solicited for the Admissions Committee. She encouraged all Council members to recruit from friends and colleagues. New members of the admissions committee do not have to be members of the Academic Senate. This is a crucial committee that gives faculty the chance to directly interact with future students. Dean Daniels reminded the Council that the Admissions Committee is time-limited and that Associate Dean Alexander has refined the work of that committee so that members participate in either interviewing or reviewing applications, but not both. This has reduced the Committee members’ work load considerably.

Chair Greenspan suggested the Council consider increasing the size of the Admissions Committee to accommodate for work-related absences among members.


  • Chair Greenspan raised the issue of how best to record the vote of the Clinical Faculty on the Faculty Council. Dr. Greenspan cited the issue of the dilemma surrounding requirements that only Senate Faculty vote on advancing students to graduation despite the fact that Clinical faculty work closely with students during the last 18 months of their study, but there is no way at this time to officially record their votes. This matter will be discussed further at future meetings.
  • Committee lists need to be approved by Committee Chairs. The Chair requested that the Senate Analyst send appropriate lists to each Chair for their review by the next meeting of the Faculty Council.


  • The Council discussed the scheduling of meetings and it was agreed that until further notice meetings will continue to be held the first and third Thursdays of each month at 7:30am in S-30. Usual exceptions are the third Thursday in December and the first meeting in the month of January.
  • Meeting refreshments - coffee is provided by the Dean’s Office. The Council agreed to continue the practice of faculty rotating providing refreshments. The Senate Office will prepare an alphabetized list and schedule and send to all Faculty Council members. Any changes or substitutions may be decided among Council members.

By Motion and unanimous approval of the Committee, the meeting was adjourned at 8:37am.

Senate Staff:
Jennifer Pittman
Senate Analyst

University of California, San Francisco
San Francisco, CA 94143, (415) 476-9000
The Regents of the University of California