Jane Weintraub, MPH, DDS, Chair

Meeting of December 4, 2000

PRESENT: Chair Weintraub, Vice Chair Stotts, P. Calarco, K. Nelson, L. Chafetz, B. Feuerstein, N. Olsen, K. Woo, B. Peterlin, N. Hylton, D. Bredt, A. Sahni.

ABSENT: C. Attkisson, W. Sadee, L. Verhey, J. Helms.

GUEST: Philippe Bourgois, Chair, Medical Anthropology


The minutes from the September 11, 2000 meeting were approved.

Chair’s Report

Chair Weintraub announced that Dr. Philippe Bourgois would visit Council to discuss the academic program review of the graduate program in Medical Anthropology. She provided a summary of the review report and the issues raised by the review committee regarding availability of resources, student support, and time to degree. Dr. Bourgois will provide a written report after his meeting with Council.

Vice Chair’s Report

Vice Chair Stotts reported that she attended the CCGA meeting in November at which time issues were raised regarding the administration of UC and CSU joint degree programs. Concerns were discussed on the equitable distribution of workload and oversight by both campus systems. Regarding UCSF Council attendance at CCGA meetings in the 2001-2002 academic year, Vice Chair Stotts indicated that the availability of the new Vice Chair to attend these meetings should be considered early in the appointment process.

Dean’s Report

There was no report from the Dean, who was away at a conference.

GSA Report

Natalie Olsen reported that the GSA sent two student representatives to attend the UC Student Task Force Retreat in November.

PSA Report

Dr. Woo reported that the sub-committee on postdoctoral affairs met several times and plans to submit recommendations to the Council at the January 2001 meeting. She announced several upcoming presentations and panel discussions sponsored by the PSA, which include, "Putting Science to Work," "Postdoctoral Education in the 21st Century," and "Lab Management." Additional events are planned through spring quarter.

Old Business

Academic Program Review of the Ph.D. Program in Medical Anthropology – Visit from Program Chair Philippe Bourgois

Chair Bourgois expressed appreciation to Dean Attkisson, Associate Dean Calarco, and their staff for a very thorough and well-managed review process. He reported that since the review, the program has hired a new faculty member, Dr. Warwick Anderson. It is the program’s intention to request to the Dean and the Council that the History of Health Sciences program re-open and be directed by Dr. Anderson.

Dr. Bourgois discussed issues raised in the review report regarding alterations to the curriculum, faculty FTE and sources of faculty funding, and support for graduate students. He indicated that a change in the qualifying exam from the spring of the third year to the fall of the third year is being considered. In addition, changing the three quarter methods sequence course to two quarters is under discussion by the Executive Committee. The program would like to create a shared faculty FTE to coordinate coursework between UCB and UCSF. He indicated that it is critical that the program retain the faculty FTE currently housed in the Department of Psychiatry. In addition, he stipulated that the program is able to support high theory research and applied research in a healthy manner. Regarding student support, Dr. Bourgois noted that the program does not have the resources to supplement students above the basic fellowships offered by the Graduate Division, however, the program plans to apply for a training grant in the near future. Students are normally able to secure funding for their field work, which can last from one to two years. He reported that he is confident that new faculty will be able to generate additional resources for the support of graduate students.

Council members commented on issues regarding the interpretation of the reviewers on teaching faculty versus research faculty, and the expectation in most departments that all faculty members engage in both teaching and research. Council encouraged the program to apply for a training grant to support graduate students. Further discussion occurred regarding the culture of students conducting research independent from that of their mentors.

Update On Academic Program Review for Nursing and Biomedical Sciences (P.Calarco)

Associate Dean Calarco distributed a list of reviewers for the Nursing review, which will take place on February 22-23, 2001. She also requested that Council members nominate reviewers for the Biomedical Sciences (BMS) review, which will occur on May 3-4, 2001. The programs in Oral Biology and Biological and Medical Informatics postponed their reviews until academic year 2001-2002. Associate Dean Calarco requested two Council representatives for the Nursing and BMS reviews. Dr. Hylton volunteered to represent Council at the Nursing review and Dr. Feuerstein will determine his availability to participate in the BMS review.

Chair Weintraub updated Council members on the following actions:

  1. Approval of the name change of the Medical Information Science Graduate Program to the Graduate Program in Biological and Medical Informatics.
  2. Approval of the establishment of the Ph.D. Program in Chemistry and Chemical Biology.
  3. Approval to negotiate the joint UCSF-CSUCF Doctorate of Physical Therapy Sciences (DPTSc) program.

New Business

Academic Senate Chair Pitts request to discuss Mission Bay planning

It was requested that Executive Vice Chancellor Hall be invited to attend an upcoming Council meeting to update members on Mission Bay planning. Chair Weintraub will extend the invitation. GSA representative Olsen reported that it is important to stay abreast of the developments and planning regarding student housing issues. Associate Dean Calarco indicated that meetings are currently occurring on housing needs. Assistant Dean Nelson reported that Student Academic Affairs and the Graduate Division have been involved in planning space in the Community Building for student related services.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Karen Nelson
Assistant Dean
Graduate Division

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