Jane Weintraub, MPH, DDS, Chair

Meeting of September 11, 2000

PRESENT: Chair Weintraub, Vice Chair Stotts, Dean Attkisson, Associate Dean Calarco, L. Chafetz, B. Feuerstein, J. Helms, N. Olsen, G. Sambrano (for K.Woo), A. Sahni, J. Dang.

ABSENT: D. Bredt, N. Hylton, B. Peterlin, W. Sadee, L. Verhey, K. Nelson, K. Woo


The minutes from June 12, 2000 were approved.

Chair’s Report

Chair Weintraub welcomed Council members, reviewed the charge to the committee, the Academic Senate by-laws, and the Council organizational chart. N. Stotts was introduced as the Vice Chair and the Coordinating Committee for Graduate Affairs (CCGA) representative.

Chair Weintraub reported that the Coordinating Council for Graduate Affairs (CCGA) approved the UCSF Chemistry and Chemical Biology Ph.D. program, contingent upon the agreement of one external reviewer. In anticipation of the UCSF program proposal for a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Clinical Research, it was also reported that a UC San Diego MAS proposal was approved contingent upon the availability of student financial aid. A general discussion of the intent and purpose of the new UC MAS followed. It was noted that this degree is fully self-supporting and is designed for working adults to take evening and weekend classes.

Vice Chair

There was no report from the Vice Chair Stotts.

Dean’s Report

Dean Attisson welcomed Council members and announced the appointment of Karen Nelson as Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, and the search for a new Assistant Dean for postdoctoral scholar affairs and graduate outreach. He announced that we are in a significant graduate enrollment growth phase with 100 net-new students. The goal is to have 258 new graduate students by 2005, which will bring new resources for selected programs.

GSA Report

Natalie Olsen reported the following: GSA co-presidents will attend all new student orientation programs; ASUC and GSA are in new offices in the Student Activity Center; students now have a student identification number which is no longer the SSN number; the systemwide ASUC will work to improve the availability of student grant aid and help for disabled students; and the GSA systemwide committee on affirmative action meets every month. Appreciation was expressed to Mike Strizich, Director of Student Information Systems, and his staff for implementing the new identification numbers for UCSF students.

PSA Report

The PSA had no report

Old Business

Appointment and Re-appointment of Postdoctoral Scholar Sub-Committee

L. Verhey (chair), B. Feuerstein, and J. Helms, were appointed to serve, as well as a fourth member to be announced. Dean Attkisson and K. Nelson in the Graduate Division will also serve on the committee.

New Business

Program Review Committee Report for Medical Anthropology.

Council discussed the review report and commented on the lengthy average time to degree of the program and the need to generate additional resources to support their graduate students. After discussion concerning the distribution of the review report, it was decided to forward the report to the program and request that they respond to the recommendations of the reviewers in writing. The program director will also be invited to appear before Council. Once the Council receives the written report from the program, a meeting with the program director occurs, and final recommendations are made, copies of the report will be sent to Vice Chancellors Bainton and Hall, and the appropriate Dean.

Programs Scheduled for Review in 2000-2001 and the Appointment of Council Liaison and Outside Reviewers.

P. Calarco provided an overview of the programs to be reviewed in the coming academic year. W. Sadee was nominated as the Council liaison to the Nursing Review. Council members were asked to send nominations for outside reviewers to P.Calarco.

Request for a Name Change of the Medical Information Graduate Program to the Graduate Program in Biological and Medical Informatics.

Council unanimously approved the name change as requested. The process of campus notification will be initiated, and then the CCGA will be notified.

Discussion of the Graduate Council meeting site followed.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Karen Nelson
Assistant Dean
Graduate Division

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