Jane Weintraub, DDS, MPH, Chair

Meeting of March 12, 2001

PRESENT: Chair Weintraub, Vice Chair Stotts, C. Attkisson, B. Feuerstein, L.Verhey, P. Calarco, K. Nelson, L. Chafetz, B. Peterlin, A. Sahni, C. Des Jarlais, E. Langdon-Gray.

ABSENT: N.Olsen, D.Bredt, N. Hylton, J. Helms, W. Sadee, K. Woo.

GUEST: Dr. Ursula Ruegsegger, PSA Representative


The minutes from the February 5, 2001 meeting were approved.

Chair’s Report
Chair Weintraub introduced Elizabeth Langdon-Gray, who is a new staff member in the Academic Senate Office and will serve as the liaison to the Graduate Council. She also introduced the new Assistant Dean of Graduate Outreach and Postdoctoral Affairs, Christine Des Jarlais.

Chair Weintraub reported that the proposals for a Ph.D. degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics (PSPG), and the Doctoral of Physical Therapy Sciences (D.P.T.Sc.) degree were approved by the Chancellor and forwarded to the CCGA. She indicated that Graduate Council input will be requested in the future on the Clinical Scientist Task Force Report. She also reported that an Academic Senate Meeting was scheduled for Friday, March 9, 2001, at which she would report on the current graduate programs currently under review. The proposal for a fifth school at UCSF is also on the agenda.

Vice Chair’s Report
Vice Chair Stotts reported that the PSPG and D.P.T.Sc. programs were assigned CCGA reviewers and could take up to 6-8 months for completion of the review. She indicated that there was discussion at CCGA on the issue of the California State University proposal to offer the doctoral degree. President Atkinson plans to send a letter to each campus chancellor, which requests information on how UC prepares students for teaching careers.

Dean’s Report
There was no Dean’s Report.

GSA Report
There was no GSA report.

PSA Report
There was not PSA report.

Old Business

Report and Recommendations of the Council Postdoctoral Scholar Sub-Committee
Dr. Ruegsegger distributed a second draft of the committee’s proposal, which included the changes discussed at the previous Graduate Council meeting. The Council continued to discuss the following items in the report:

5. This recommendation was edited to include three separate points: (a) Postdocs must be compensated, at a minimum, according to the NIH guidelines; (B) Compensation must reflect the postdoc’s years of experience as stipulated in the NIH guidelines; (c) A 15% supplement to this compensation is encouraged due to the high cost of living in the Bay Area. This recommendation was unanimously approved.
6. The order of the recommendation was changed, as well as several edits made. The recommendation was unanimously approved.
7. Revisions were made to include the statement, "mentoring guidelines for faculty must be developed, including the following…" Items "a" and "b" were edited. The recommendation was unanimously approved. Dean Attkisson recommended that the Graduate Council sub-committee develop a template of faculty mentoring guidelines for mentors once the proposal has been presented to the campus.
8. This recommendation was slightly revised and then unanimously approved.
9. This recommendation was revised to include the statement, "To the extent possible, Post Graduate Researches (PGRs) should be included…" The recommendation was unanimously approved.
10. Unanimously approved, with edits.
11. Unanimously approved, with edits.
12. Unanimously approved, with edits.

The Council discussed the distribution of the proposal. Chair Weintraub plans to present the proposal to the Coordinating Committee and to the Academic Senate. Dean Attkisson plans to distribute the proposal for comment to faculty groups and deans.

ACTION: The sub-committee will make revisions to the proposal and present the final version to the Council at the next meeting.

Medical Anthropology Response to the External Review Committee’s Report
Chair Weintraub indicated that the report from Medical Anthropology did not adequately address the Council’s and Reviewers’ comments regarding graduate student support, lack of a training grant, and length of time to degree completion. It was noted that the program has limited use of research assistantships and the fee remission program to support graduate students. It was decided that Council should request from the program specific plans for student support, including application for a training grant, and strategies for reducing time to degree. Council should also request a report in two years as to the progress made in these areas.

ACTION: Chair Weintraub will send a letter to Chair Bourgois, which stipulates Council’s request for further information and a progress report in two years.

Review of the Proposal for a Center for Tobacco Research and Education
Chair Weintraub presented a summary of the Center proposal, which will support one postdoctoral scholar in year one and six postdocs in subsequent years. It was noted that the proposers use the terms "postdoctoral scholar" and "post graduate fellows" interchangeably. Concern was raised regarding the use of the Library for the Center and the affect it may have on space and access for graduate student use. Council voiced overall support for the program.

ACTION: Chair Weintraub will send a letter to the proposers, which includes Council’s concerns and support for the Center.

Visit by Executive Vice Chancellor Zach Hall to Discuss Mission Bay Planning
Council discussed issues concerning graduate student housing, the location of courses, shuttle routes, and the integration of services for all campus sights with Mission Bay. It was recommended that the campus leadership ensure that all classrooms have the capacity for videoconferencing to all campus locations. There will be the need for an excellent phone system, which includes speakerphones for all units. The question of library resources, particularly journal subscriptions, remains an issue for many faculty members and students.

ACTION: Chair Weintraub will send a letter to Academic Senate Chair Pitts, which includes Council’s concerns on Mission Bay planning.

New Business

Update on the School of Nursing Program Review

Drs. Feuerstein and Calarco reported that the Nursing review went very well and that the committee was efficient and hard working. A report is expected in the next month. The Biomedical Science review is scheduled for May 3-4, 2001; Nola Hylton is the Graduate Council liaison to this review.

Review of Graduate Council By-Laws per Request of Academic Senate Chair Pitts

Chair Weintraub indicated that the by-laws were in need of review and revision. Many of the items did not seem relevant and some were confusing, particularly with regard to the appointment of committees. The charge to review professional degrees is also unclear. It may be necessary to include specific language concerning the Council’s role in reviewing proposals for Centers, ORUs, and other programs. The Council will review and discuss the by-laws further at the next meeting.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Karen Nelson
Assistant Dean
Graduate Division

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