Jane Weintraub, MPH, DDS, Chair

Meeting of February 5, 2001

PRESENT: Chair Weintraub, Vice Chair Stotts, C. Attkisson, J. Helms, N. Hylton, D. Bredt, B. Feuerstein, W. Sadee, P. Calarco, K. Nelson, L. Chafetz, K. Woo, B. Peterlin, A. Sahni.

ABSENT: L. Verhey, N.Olsen

GUEST: Dr. Ursula Ruegsegger, PSA Representative and Executive Vice Chancellor Zach Hall


The minutes from the January 8, 2001 meeting were approved with a change in "New Business" under the agenda item on "Report and Recommendations of the Council Posdoctoral Scholar Sub-committee." Currently, those paid through training grants receive no vacation and eleven days of sick leave per year, and those on R01 grants receive two vacation days and eleven sick days per month year.

Chair’s Report: Chair Weintraub reported that the Clinical Affairs Committee, chaired by Dr. Gold, is studying and reporting on the academic impact of the potential closure or other changes to the San Francisco General Hospital. There is some concern that closure may affect masters’ students in nursing, in addition to multiple types of clinical training. Council members were asked to relay any concerns they may have to Dr. Gold. In the future, Graduate Council may be asked to review the impact report.

Vice Chair’s Report: There was no Vice Chair Report

Dean’s Report: Dean Attkisson reported that the Graduate Division concluded the search for a new Assistant Dean of Graduate Outreach and Postdoctoral Affairs. Christine Des Jarlais, from the University of Hawaii, will begin her appointment on February 21, 2001. Her office will be located at 1308 3rd Avenue.

Chancellor Bishop has formally proposed the International Dentist’s Program, which is a degree designed for international students who have received dentistry degrees in other countries and wish to practice in California.

Dean Attisson announced that NIH has increased the postdoctoral scholar salary scale, which becomes effective beginning with new awards funded on or after October 1, 2000. The minimum salary scale is applicable and required for new postdoc appointments paid from non-federal funds and from federal grants newly funded on or after October 2000. This salary scale is not retroactive to appointments made from prior federal grant years.

GSA Report: There was no GSA report.

PSA Report: Dr Woo reported that a new session of the "Practice of Science" series has begun. The next topic in February will be The Future of Bioinformatics. The PSA collaborated with the Women in Science group (WILS) in presenting the Shirley Tilghman Lecture.

Old Business

Report and Recommendations of the Council Postdoctoral Scholar Sub-Committee.

The following recommendations were discussed:

  1. A standard appointment letter must be issued by the Graduate Division and/or department or primary mentor and must be sent to the postdoc prior to arrival. This recommendation was unanimously approved.
  2. The letter must specify the effective appointment period, salary levels, benefits, and basis of the performance evaluation.
    This recommendation was unanimously approved.
  3. A minimum benefits packaged should be developed.
    Dean Attkisson reported that a parental leave policy is currently in place. Vacation and sick leave policies that do not adhere to the current NIH and UCOP policies will need to be reviewed with those agencies. Council agreed that a minimum benefits package, including dental and vision, should be established for all postdocs, regardless of funding source. Approved.
  4. The cost of insurance premiums must be paid by the department or by an allowance attached to the fellowship or grant.
    Approved with one dissention.
  5. The new recommendation that a postdoc be paid according to years of experience and receive a 15% cost of living supplement, is a significant change in policy. The current policy requires that a postdoc be paid at the minimum NIH compensation level with "0" years of experience. This recommendation also impacts the initial appointment of postdocs who come to UCSF with additional years of experience. It was suggested that the recommendation be revised and split into two recommendations for further discussion at the next meeting.

The postdoc sub-committee report will continue to be discussed at the next Council meeting.

New Business

Medical Anthropology Response to the External Review Committees Report

Chair Weintraub indicated that the report from Anthropology did not adequately address the Council’s and the Reviewers’ comments concerning length of time to degree, lack of a training grant, and insufficient graduate student support. Due to a full agenda and the visit by Vice Chancellor Hall, the Council will discuss these issues at the next meeting.

Visit by Executive Vice Chancellor Zach Hall to Discuss Mission Bay Planning

Vice Chancellor Hall introduced Georgianne Meade as the Director of the Office of Research Development, who is the "point person" for Mission Bay academic and research program planning. He reported that approximately three years ago, the Academic Implementation Committee chose four programs to move to Mission Bay: structural and chemical biology; cell, molecular, developmental biology; neuroscience; and, genetics. Mission Bay comprises about 300 acres of land, 43 of which were given to UCSF by the Catellus Corporation. Phase One of the development ($420 million projected in costs) is comprised of four buildings, which includes the Campus Community Center (Bldg. 24).

Originally, it was decided that the PIBS program would move and Biomedical Sciences would stay on the Parnassus campus, but now, in addition, Biophysics, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, and Bioengineering will move to Mission Bay. In reality, there will be a mix of faculty from all disciplines in each location. It is expected that by April 1 the list of those moving to Mission Bay will be finalized.

Six thousand housing units have been planned by Catellus, with 2,000 units designated as "affordable" housing. UCSF plans to develop an additional 600 "beds" (housing) on university property at rent affordable by students, with childcare and parking facilities.

At the Parnassus campus, UC Hall and the Laboratory of Radiobiology will be torn down. It was suggested by the Parnassus Heights Research Space Committee that 75% of the newly available space be reserved for new programs at the Chancellor’s discretion.

Questions were posed by Council members regarding library resources, classroom facilities, and shuttle services.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Karen Nelson
Assistant Dean
Graduate Division

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