Jane Weintraub, MPH, DDS, Chair

Meeting of January 8, 2001

PRESENT: Vice Chair Stotts, C. Attkisson, W. Sadee, P. Calarco, K. Nelson, L. Chafetz, K. Woo, B. Peterlin, A. Sahni.

ABSENT: L. Verhey, J. Helms, N. Hylton, Chair Weintraub, B. Feuerstein, N.Olsen, D.Bredt

GUEST: Dr. Ursula Ruegsegger, PSA Representative


The minutes from the December 4, 2000 meeting were amended by revising the statement regarding "applied research and high theory research," included in the report from Dr. Bourgois.

Chair’s Report

There was no Chair’s report.

Vice Chair’s Report

Vice Chair Stotts reported that she attended the CCGA meeting in December at which time issues were raised regarding the California State System offering the doctorate of education degree. UC does not support this proposal.

Dean’s Report

Dean Attkisson reported on the new Regental Commission on Graduate Education, which will analyze and make recommendations regarding graduate student support, graduate enrollment growth, areas of growth, and other resource issues. He also reported on two new outreach efforts recently funded, which include Leadership Excellence through Advanced Degrees (UC LEADS) and the Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP). UC Leads provides support for 16 undergraduate students per campus to pursue mentored research activities; and, the NSF funded AGEP program provides for student academic enrichment, opportunities for prospective students to meet the UCSF faculty, and outreach to masters’ students in the State University system.

GSA Report: There was no GSA report.

PSA Report: There was no PSA report.

Old Business

Vice Chair Stotts reported that the joint UCSF/CSUSF proposal for a Doctorate in Physical Therapy Sciences was forwarded to Vice Chancellor Bainton and Academic Chair Pitts in December 2000. There was no further discussion.

New Business

Report and recommendations of the Council Postdoctoral Scholar sub-committee.
A discussion took place regarding the evaluation of postdocs and their mentors, a directory for postdocs, orientation, compensation, and benefits package.

There was concern expressed regarding the evaluation of postdoc mentors since evaluation of the faculty is the role of the department chair and academic personnel. It was noted that it would not be appropriate for the Graduate Division to be involved in the evaluation of faculty. It was suggested that postdocs could be evaluated by their mentors under a similar model used to evaluate graduate students.

Associate Dean Calarco reported that the Graduate Division is working on developing a list serve of currently appointed postdocs, which is designed for information dissemination. Regarding orientations, it was suggested that a web site be developed to include all the necessary information that a new post doc would need upon arrival at UCSF, and that health care and other pertinent information be included in the appointment letter.

Further discussion occurred regarding compensation based on years of experience, supplementation, and the benefits package permitted by NRSA standards and RO1 grants. To make changes to these guidelines, it would require an accommodation by NIH and the UCSF personnel department. Currently, those paid by through training grants receive no vacation and eleven days of sick leave per year, and those on RO1 grants receive two vacation days and eleven sick days per month. Parental leave is currently approved for all postdocs at UCSF.

The postdoc sub-committee report will continue to be discussed at the next Council meeting.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Karen Nelson
Assistant Dean
Graduate Division

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