DRAFT – 02.13.2001

Renee Binder, M.D., Chair

Meeting of February 6, 2001



The meeting of the Faculty Welfare Committee was called to order by Chair Binder on February 6, 2001, at 12 p.m. in Room S226.

Announcement from the Chair

Chair Binder introduced the Committee’s new Senate Analyst, Elizabeth Langdon-Gray.


  • Presentation by Allan Long, Principal Educational Facility Planner, Campus Planning
    Mr. Long made a special presentation to update the committee on the program of demolition and development at the Parnassus Heights campus and the Mission Bay site. He distributed campus maps illustrating future demolitions at the Parnassus Heights campus, and redevelopments of these sites. Specifically, Mr. Long outlined:
    • A projected demolition schedule to span the next ten years.
    • Issues regarding a space ceiling at the Parnassus Heights campus and resultant limitations on development.
    • Ambiguity as to the relocation of the current UCSF hospital with options including: relocation to the Mission Bay site, relocation to the Mount Zion site, the purchasing of new land for the building of the hospital. (Mr. Long noted that a decision regarding the future site of the hospital would be made within one year).

Mr. Long spoke also of the issue of housing within current redevelopment plans. He noted that the Regents of the University had acknowledged that a housing crisis currently existed, and that they advocated the setting up of a ‘blue ribbon’ commission on housing. Mr. Long noted that current proposals for the resolution of the housing problem were hindered by a lack of funds. He noted, finally that four sites had been earmarked for housing development, and that housing is not included under space ceiling limitations.

ACTION: The Committee questioned Mr. Long as to whether he believed there was sufficient faculty involvement in current plans and whether his office was receiving enough feedback from faculty. He acknowledged that lines of communication needed to be strengthened and that the question would be referred to Lori Yamauchi for follow up.

Insurance and Legal Liability
Chair Binder introduced the topic of current insurance plans available to faculty and asked for discussion particularly on the issue of disability insurance and legal liability.

The committee discussed both these issues and it was clear that there was confusion regarding the requirements for receipt of disability insurance, and regarding the extent of legal liability of a faculty member. Chair Binder noted that the cost of health plans was rising at a rate of 15%-20% while the university budget for health plans was rising by only 6%. Therefore, there may be a rise in cost to the faculty member, or a decrease in benefits.

ACTION: There was unanimous consensus that the faculty needs to be better informed. Further discussion of the topic was suggested, and Chair Binder noted that she would make efforts to work closely with the Committee on Privilege and Tenure to this end.

The meeting was adjourned at around 1.10 p.m.

Prepared by:
Elizabeth Langdon-Gray
Senate Analyst
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