Committee on Equal Opportunity
Betty-Ann Hoener, Ph.D., Chair


Meeting of January 12, 2001

PRESENT: Chair B. Hoener, Vice Chair J. Seago, S. Rankin

ABSENT: L. Jones, H. Harris, D. Wara, M. Walsh, J. Wiener-Kronish, L. Bero, C. Portillo

The meeting of the Equal Opportunity Committee was called to order by Chair Hoener on January 12, 2001 at about 2:30 p.m. in Room M244.

The Committee moved immediately into business.

FACULTY HANDBOOK REVISIONS: Diane Wara will head the subcommittee responsible for revisions to the handbook and her secretary will staff the project. Jean Ann Seago and Sally Rankin have offered to work on the subcommittee, although Sally will be available for only this quarter. The Committee determined that a CAP member should be on the revision subcommittee if possible. The Committee also discussed using the list of Faculty interested in serving on the Equal Opportunity Committee as a resource to find other subcommittee volunteers. A December 20, 2000 memorandum from the Faculty Subcommittee to Chancellor’s Committee on Diversity regarding suggested revisions to the handbook was distributed to members present and will be distributed to the remaining members of the Committee. A revision this committee suggested is to add an explanation of the Faculty Compensation Plan to the handbook.

LETTER FROM COMMITTEE TO D. BAINTON: The Committee discussed Chair Hoener’s draft letter to D. Bainton regarding faculty search committees and the hope to diversify the faculty. Discussion focused on the need, as outlined in the letter, to increase faculty diversity by making fundamental changes in the process by which faculty positions are filled and by advertising to a diverse community the University’s commitment to recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty. The Committee discussed whether the Office of Affirmative Action should be involved in these issues and decided that Michael Adams of that office should be invited to sit on the Committee. The draft letter will be distributed electronically to all committee members for review and revision. The Committee will approve the final draft at the next meeting on February 9, 2001. After approval, the Committee will forward the letter to Larry Pitts and request his endorsement of the letter prior to the Committee on Committees meeting February 20, 2001.

FACULTY DEVELOPMENT AND PRE-TENURE AWARDS: The Committee discussed the need for memorialized criteria for these awards. Senate staffperson Gretchen Gende will work with Chair Hoener on this issue and approval of any criteria will be put before the entire Committee.

• No new business was brought before the Committee

The meeting adjourned at about 3:30 p.m.

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Gretchen Gende
Senior Analyst

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