Betty-ann Hoener, Ph.D., Chair

Meeting of May 11, 2001

PRESENT: Chair B. Hoener, J. Wiener-Kronish, Sally Rankin

ABSENT: Vice Chair J. Seago, D. Wara, L. Jones, H. Harris, M. Walsh, L. Bero

GUESTS: Diane Dillon, C.C. Wang

The meeting of the Equal Opportunity Committee was called to order by Chair Hoener on May 11, 2001 at about 2:30 p.m. in Room MUE244.


The February 9 and April 20, 2001 minutes were tabled for consideration at a later date.


Survey Regarding Gender Issues: The Committee determined that Susan Shafer should be invited to speak to the Committee in the fall regarding the results of the survey on gender issues that was initiated out of the Academic Personnel office.

Faculty Handbook: Revisions to the Faculty Handbook have been postponed until next fall as D. Wara will be taking a sabbatical at that time and will work on the Handbook then.


The Committee discussed the draft job descriptions for Staff and Faculty Ambassadors to search committees that were incorporated into the April 20, 2001 minutes. The following suggestions were made:

  • Add to the proposal that there should be a 1-2 year pilot to determine if the ambassadors positively impact the diversity of candidate pools or of appointments. The Committee discussed providing the proposed ambassador resources to approximately 10-20% of the search committees during this pilot. Chair Hoener suggested that the Senate staff for the Committee might be appropriate as the staff ambassador for the pilot.
  • Have the pilot staff ambassador work with the Academic Personnel office to develop a form recruitment plan as that office is currently working on a pre-recruitment plan.
  • Because significant responsibilities associated with conducting a thorough and fruitful search can often be burdensome, clarify that the search ambassador is a service and is intended to offer assistance to departments to help alleviate these burdens. The proposal should also make clear that the central campus personnel administration supports the implementation of staff and faculty ambassadors to search committees.
  • Staff ambassador should develop relationships with on- and off-campus organizations for various reasons but most prominently to assist searches where a spouse/partner needs also to be placed.
  • If pilot is successful, change Committee bylaws to make the staff ambassador an ex officio member of the Committee.
  • Clarify the Committee’s continued role in the ambassador process, e.g., oversight.

With regard to Faculty Ambassadors, the Committee discussed that there should be approximately 2 faculty ambassadors for the Schools of Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy and about 20 for the School of Medicine. The School of Medicine number is based on the number of Faculty who volunteered and have been trained to advise persons in the School of Medicine regarding sexual harassment issues.

The Committee noted the great need for an "Academic Vacancies" link to be part of the drop-down menu on UCSF’s home page. They discussed that faculty need easy access to vacancy information as faculty not involved in a search may often prove to be valuable resources for providing potential candidates. They also noted that for persons outside UCSF looking to work here in an academic position, finding the listing of academic vacancies is very difficult.

The Committee reiterated its approval that there be recognition, possibly monetary, of departments that meet the goals of their academic recruitment plans. It was noted that Michael Adams, Director of the Office of Diversity/Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action, had implemented a similar program for departments that meet staff hiring goals.

The Committee also discussed the need to advocate for a mentor process whereby prospective hires and new faculty have adequate access to what could best be phrased as ‘insider information.’

The Committee will work on revisions to the ambassador proposal with a goal of approving it at the June Committee meeting for transmittal to Vice Chancellor Bainton thereafter.


Chair Hoener provided the Committee with the Summary of Findings and Recommendations from the Bureau of State Audits regarding the UC Faculty Hiring Audit.

The meeting adjourned at about 3:30 p.m.

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Gretchen Gende
Senior Senate Analyst

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