Betty-ann Hoener, Ph.D., Chair


Meeting of February 9, 2001

PRESENT: Chair B. Hoener, S. Rankin, D. Wara, J. Wiener-Kronish

ABSENT: Vice Chair J. Seago, L. Jones, H. Harris, M. Walsh, L. Bero, C. Portillo

The meeting of the Equal Opportunity Committee was called to order by Chair Hoener on February 9, 2001 at about 2:40 p.m. in Room M244.


The January 12, 2001 minutes were approved.


The meetings for March and April are cancelled in order that the subcommittee can focus on revisions to the handbook. The next meeting will be the second Friday in May, May 11, 2001.


  • PRE-TENURE AWARDS: Chair Hoener spoke with L. Jacobsen who will send out the call for Pre-Tenure Award submissions. The deadline for submissions will by May 15, 2001, and this Committee will make decisions regarding the awards at its June 2001 meeting.
  • LETTER FROM COMMITTEE TO D. BAINTON: The Committee approved the finalized letter. It will be sent to D. Bainton with all Committee members’ names affixed and will copy L. Pitts and B. Alldredge.
  • FACULTY HANDBOOK REVISIONS: The Committee will invite Lenore Pereira and Mel Cheitlin to be part of the Handbook Revision Subcommittee. The Committee will also ask Brian Alldredge to recommend a CAP member who could sit on the Subcommittee. The Committee then discussed suggestions for revisions and new sections in the handbook:
  1. Quality of Life: Revise introduction to emphasize quality of life on campus (e.g., concerts, discounted movies, fitness center, bank, etc.) and in San Francisco (e.g., parks, beaches, hiking and biking trails, easy mountain access, restaurants, theater, easy access to wine country, etc.).
  2. Intro UCSF: Provide facts and figures like those accessible on UCSF website that reflect UCSF’s national and international prominence in its fields of expertise.
  3. Promotions: Discuss generally promotion requirements for various series.
  4. Comp Plan: Insert verbatim comp plan(s) descriptions as set forth in whatever has been vetted by UCOP.
  5. Extramural Section: Needs revision (currently p. 43) to reflect increased number of new awards for young investigators.
  6. Benefits: Describe in detail great benefits plan offered by UCSF.
  7. Housing: Describe/Refer to loan programs available for faculty housing as well as current faculty housing availability.
  8. Campus Resources: Describe the myriad resources available, such as child care, elder care, Women’s Health Center, Conflict Resolution Program, Center of Excellence, referral services, Center of Gender Equity (the online version of the handbook should link to all available resources with websites), etc.
  9. Diversity: Describe diverse groups affiliated with UCSF, diverse neighborhood in which UCSF sits, as well as diverse nature of San Francisco.
  10. Conflicts of Interest: Make clear that this is an issue to which UCSF pays close attention and set forth related guidelines.
  11. Intellectual Property: Brief description of various intellectual property rights and university policy on who owns the various rights.
  12. Grievances: Set forth accepted grievance policy; note generally grievance contacts both outside of departments and outside of schools (J. Wiener-Kronish has volunteered to work on this section).

The Committee wants the handbook to be reviewed yearly to determine if there are any changes necessary and also wants each section to reflect its latest date of revision. The Committee noted that the revisions should be written with junior faculty in mind as they are the most likely consumers of this information. The Committee wishes to first work through the content changes before attacking production and graphic design issues.


  • D. Wara noted that Susan Shafer is in charge of a survey regarding gender issues being done at UCSF for which results should available at the end of the summer. The Committee will invite S. Shafer to its May meeting to present on this issue.

The meeting adjourned at about 3:30 p.m.

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