Betty-ann Hoener, Ph.D.

During the 2000-01 academic year, the Committee on Equal Opportunity met as a Committee on five occasions; however, electronic communications significantly augmented the Committee’s work as well as facilitated communication and assisted in finalizing Committee actions.

Issues reviewed and acted on by the Committee included:

  • Diversity of faculty search pools and the development of a proposal for search committee ambassadors
  • Rescission of Regents’ Policies SP-1 and SP-2
  • Concept (as applied at UC –Riverside) of Career Reviews where faculty could initiate review of their files
  • Faculty Development and Pre-Associate Professor Awards
  • Revisions and updating the "Faculty Handbook for Success – Advancement and Promotion at UCSF"

Systemwide Issues

The Committee did not have representation at UCAAD this year due to the leave of the Committee’s UCAAD representative.

University Issues

The Committee worked on several issues at the Division level.

Diversity of Faculty Search Pools and Search Committee Ambassadors
The Committee discussed at length the need to increase faculty diversity by making fundamental changes in the process by which faculty positions are filled. The Committee ultimately provided to Vice Chancellor Bainton of the Office of Academic Affairs draft recommendations for a program of volunteer faculty "ambassadors" to search committees and a full-time staff "ambassador". The concept for the use of ambassadors would be to help the search committees ensure that the most qualified, diverse pool of candidates be considered for open positions. The ambassadors would not be members of the search committee and would not therefore, have a role in the selection process.

Some of the suggested duties of the Staff Ambassador (or academic personnel recruitment analyst) include (please see EQOP April and May 2001 minutes for more complete detail regarding this proposal):

  • Develop and maintain a recruitment plan.
  • Advise a search committee on the best ways to advertise a specific position.
  • Develop a listing of campus/community resources that can be given to potential applicants to show them that their personal and family needs can be met by UCSF and in the Bay Area.
  • Develop and maintain a portfolio of sample appointment letters to be used by the recruiting units.
  • Develop and run a training program for the Faculty Ambassadors.

Some of the suggested duties of the Faculty Ambassadors include:

  • Attend the first search committee meeting along with the Staff Ambassador.
  • Provide the names of additional contacts to the search committee.
  • Work with the search committee to define excellence and how to recognize potential in all its diverse manifestations.
  • Offer to be an external source of information to the eventual candidates. This could include making them aware of the UCSF Faculty Handbook for Success – Advancement and Promotion at UCSF" , educating them about the different faculty series and the requirements for advancement in each and/or discussing issues of concern that a candidate might not want to raise directly with the search committee.

The Committee also suggested that there be a pilot program for a small percentage of the search committees to determine, over a one- to two-year period, whether the ambassador concept would have a positive affect on faculty searches. The Committee has submitted its recommendations and awaits a response from administration. (ATTACHMENT 1)

Rescission of Regents’ Policies SP-1 and SP-2
In 1995, the Regents of the University of California adopted SP-1, a resolution that prohibited the consideration of race, religion, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin as criteria for admission to the University or to any program of study, and SP-2, a resolution that prohibited the consideration of the same attributes in the University's employment and contracting practices.

The Regents rescinded SP-1 and 2 on May 16, 2001. Prior to that rescission, the Committee reviewed a draft letter from the University Committee on Affirmative Action and Diversity (UCAAD) supporting rescission of SP-1 and 2 and provide its response, if any. The Committee communicated electronically regarding the letter and ultimately issued a letter of support for the UCAAD statement as well as providing its own statements in favor of rescission. (ATTACHMENT 2)

Career Review Concept
Vice Chancellor D. Bainton requested that the Committee comment on the concept of implementing Career Review procedures at UCSF similar to those utilized at UC Riverside (in which a faculty member is able to initiate review of his or her file to determine whether he or she has been appropriately advanced.) The Committee discussed this concept, and felt that a faculty member in such a situation should not be required to initiate action through his or her department, which is part of the UC Riverside procedure. Although the Committee supports the concept of career review procedures, the problem of lack of advancement is one that career review procedures like those at UC Riverside will not sufficiently address.

The Committee recommended the following alternative to address lack of advancement issues: require an annual report from each department to the Office of Academic Personnel summarizing the record of faculty movement with regard to advancement and promotion for that year, noting, for example, who is eligible for promotion. The Committee further suggested involvement of the Committee on Academic Personnel in the review of these reports and strongly suggested that a department chair’s record of faculty advancement (or lack of) should be considered during that chair’s stewardship review.

The Committee also discussed the possibility of recommending a series of mentoring focus groups that educate faculty about promotion, e.g., an Assistant to Associate group, a Step V to Step VI group and a group focusing on changes in series. The Committee will research and consider this issue further in the upcoming year. (ATTACHMENT 3)

Faculty Development and Pre-Associate Professor Awards.
Faculty Development Awards are for junior faculty who have encountered unusual obstacles in developing research work necessary for advancement. Pre-Associate Professor Awards are intended to provide resources for those talented junior faculty who are highly promising and show need for support by providing funding during critical periods prior to moving to the rank of Associate Professor. The Pre-Associate Professor Award was formerly known as the Pre-Tenure Award.

These awards are administered by the Vice Chancellor’s office on behalf of the Chancellor, and the Committee participates in the review, evaluation and recommendations for all proposals submitted. For 2001-02, the Committee reviewed a total of twenty proposals for the Faculty Development Award and three proposals for the Pre-Associate Professor Awards. Upon concurrence with the Committee’s recommendations, the Vice Chancellor awarded the grants to the following faculty:

Faculty Development Award:
Dr. Ping Xia, Department of Radiation Oncology, School of Medicine,
Dr. Teiji Sawa, Department of Anesthesia, School of Medicine,
Dr. Greg Goddard, Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, School of Dentistry, and
Dr. Martin Kitchener, Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences, School of Medicine.

Pre Associate Professor Award:
Dr. Stephanie Mann, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, School of Medicine and Dr. M. Margaret Dolcini, Department of Medicine, School of Medicine.

Faculty Handbook for Success – Advancement and Promotion at UCSF Revisions
The Committee discussed suggested revisions to the Faculty Handbook for Success ( Committee member Diane Wara, EQOP Vice Chair designate for 2001-02, will continue to spearhead this effort and anticipates having protected time in the fall to devote to this project. As a result, the Committee will consider all of the revisions in the 2001-02 year.

Issues for the 2001-02 Academic Year
Matters continuing and new topics for next year include:

  • Continued revision of the Faculty Handbook for Success – Advancement and Promotion at UCSF.
  • Follow-up regarding the search committee ambassador proposal.
  • Follow-up regarding mentoring that educates faculty regarding promotion at UCSF.
  • Presentation from Susan Shafer, Assistant Vice Chancellor , Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor for Research, regarding the results of the survey on gender issues that was coordinated and produced by the office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Respectfully submitted,

Committee on Equal Opportunity

Betty-ann Hoener, Chair
Jean Ann Seago, Vice Chair
Lisa Bero, ex officio from Committee on Academic Freedom
Hobart Harris
Lee Jones
Sally Rankin
Margaret Walsh
Diane Wara
Jeanine Wiener-Kronish, ex officio from Committee on Privilege and Tenure

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Gretchen Gende
Sr. Senate Analyst

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