Committee on Courses of Instruction
Annual Report 2000-2001

Nancy Byl, PhD

The Committee on Courses of Instruction (COI) held six meetings during the 2000-2001 academic year. Four of the meetings were conducted to review and approve individual courses from all four schools and two meetings were held to evaluate and award Instructional Improvement Grants applications in conjunction with the Library.

The Committee’s work included reviewing and acting on the following:

  • Formal and final approval of new courses
  • Modifications to courses already approved
  • Deletion of courses
  • Proposal for revision of Committee bylaws
  • Instructional Improvement Grants
  • Consideration of web based teaching policy guidelines
  • Participation in the Senate’s Distance Learning Task Force

UCSF Issues

Reviewing Courses of Instruction

The Committee reviewed 235 courses and approved the following. (Results of reviews are broken out by School.)

New Courses Added

  • Dentistry 38
  • Medicine 57
  • Nursing 21
  • Pharmacy 49

Course Changes Approved

  • Dentistry 2
  • Medicine 19
  • Nursing 18
  • Pharmacy 11

Courses Deleted

  • Dentistry 0
  • Medicine 5
  • Nursing 13
  • Pharmacy 2

Revisions to Committee Bylaws

The Committee proposed a revision to its bylaws and transmitted its recommendations the Committee on Rules & Jurisdiction for consideration. The recommended bylaw revision seeks to acknowledge and define the Committee’s role in reviewing and recommending awards for Instructional Improvement Grants. No additional changes were proposed.

Instructional Improvement Grant Program

The Library Department now coordinates all available funds for Instructional Improvement Grants and has utilized the assistance of the Committee on Courses of Instruction for some time now to review and make recommendations for awarding of Instructional Improvement Grants. This combined approach successfully streamlines the application and review process for both the faculty and the review committee. This year the COI reviewed a total of 26 applications. A total of ten applicants were awarded $80,269 from the 2000-2001 budget of $97,000. See Appendix A for results. The Library Department indicates that unspent funds are to be rolled over into the 2001-2002 grant budget.

Web-Based Courses

The Committee was asked to consider two new web-based courses for the School of Nursing this year. A policy to guide the Committee in approving such web-based courses does not yet exist. The COI grew concerned that web-based learning may burden instructors with a greater workload than traditional seminar-based learning and, in addition, do so without adequately crediting faculty members for time spent on preparation and teaching within the tenure review process.

Drawing on the completed work of the Task Force on Distance Learning, Chair Byl sent a letter to the outgoing and incoming Chairs of the Academic Senate. The letter recommended that the Senate Chair direct the COI, the Committee on Educational Policy Committee and the Committee on Faculty Welfare work together to outline a campus wide policy on web-based teaching. Chair Byl expressed concern that clearer standards and guidelines are needed to address issues of student-faculty interaction, assignment of academic units, faculty preparation and class time, special fees for the class (or tuition), requirements for traditional registration as a UCSF student, and requirements for assigning a grade (e.g. written examinations).

Issues for the 2001-2002 Academic Year

Suggested new topics for next year include:

  • Clarification of the policies and standards for web-based courses
  • The correlation between course numbers and type of courses should be clarified across schools
  • Continued discussion of the value of reintroducing a printed version of the UCSF general course catalog

Respectfully submitted,

Committee on Courses of Instruction

Nancy Byl, Chair,
Noreen Facione
Daniel Fried
Linda Liu
Gary McCart
Steve Kahl, ex officio
Don Curtis, ex officio
Phil Ursell, ex officio
Kathleen Puntillo, ex officio
Helen Hays-Thomas, Registrar, Exec. Sec.

Prepared by

Christopher Theisen
Administrative Analyst

July 25, 2001

COI Annual Report 00-01.doc

Appendix A: Instructional Improvement Grant Program 2000-2001 Results
Applicant's Name
Department & School
Status (student, faculty, staff, postdoc, resident)
Title of Project
Amount Granted
Jean Pouliot
Radiation Oncology
Associate Professor
Instr. Multimedia on Portal Imaging Tech. In Radiation Oncology.
Barbara Sauer, Lloyd Young, & Christopher Cullander
Clinical Pharmacy
Clinical Prof & Vice Chair; Prof and Chair, Assistant Dean
Extending Our Reach: Web-based Faculty Development for WOS Clinical Faculty.
Margaret McNamara
Asst. Clinical Professor of Pediatrics
Identifying & Responding to Families Affected by Domestic Violence: A Video Guide to Domestic Violence Screening
Sharad Jain
Asst. Clinical Professor of Medicine
Dev. Of a teaching module to teach medical students about caring for homeless patients.
William Shore, Arianne Teherani & Carol Hodgson
Family & Community Medicine
Professor; Staff; Staff
Development of WebCT cases for the new integrated Family & Community Medicine/Surgical Subspecialty Core Clerkship.
Karen Hauer & Preetha Basaviah
Faculty; Asst. Clinical Prof of Medicine
Enhancing Medicine Core Clerkship Physical Diagnosis Instruction through Web-based and Patient-based Experiential Learning.
Eva Aagaard
Div. Of Gen. Internal Medicine
Asst. Clinical Professor of Medicine
Housestaff Handbook of Outpatient Internal Medicine.
Jonathan Strober & Elliott Sherr
Pediatrics & Neurology
Assistant Clinical Professor; Adjunct Professor
The Infant Nurologic Examination: An Annotated Instructional Video.
William Colman & Sigurd Berven
Orthopaedic Surgery
Assistant Professor in Residence
Computer Simulation in Orthopaedic Surgery-An Instructional Program for Medical Students and Residents.
Jesse Gray
Graduate Student
Interactive Software Tutorials for Teaching Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
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