Nancy N. Byl, Ph.D. P.T., Chair


Tuesday November 14, 2000

1. Minutes

  1. Review and approve summary of final report 1999-2000

2. Chair’s Report

  1. Introduction of committee members
  2. Review of the procedures for approving courses with distribution of the
    documentation available from the Registrar’s Office
  3. Clarification of the Committee responsibilities: review of courses and
    review of Instructional Improvement Grants
  4. The Chair reported that the Academic Senate had yet to assign any support staff to this committee

3. Old Business

  1. This is the first meeting for 2000-2001
  2. Chair mentioned about the problem of no hard bound copy of the catalogue
  3. The Chair will try to obtain the materials on the guidelines for review of the instructional improvement grants.

4. New Business

  1. Thirty three courses were reviewed
  2. The Chair was asked to send out requests for additional information and course changes for 14 courses
  3. The meeting dates were confirmed for the COI (Tuesday 10-12) even though this could conflict with the Coordinating Committee)
    1. February 27, 2001
    2. Need two meetings in March
    3. May 1, 2001
    4. July 10, 2001
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