Nancy N. Byl, Ph.D. P.T., Chair

MINUTES (approved by e-mail, June 2001)

Tuesday, June 6, 2001
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

PRESENT: N. Byl (Chair), S. Kahl, G. McCart, N. Faccione , K. Puntillo, D. Curtis, P. Ursell

ABSENT: D. Fried, L. Liu,

The meeting of the Committee on Courses of Instruction was called to order by Chair Byl on June 6, 2001, at 10:10 a.m., in Room S318. A quorum was present.

Chair’s Announcements

  • Senate Analyst E. Langdon-Gray was introduced to the Committee.
  • Chair Byl distributed the minutes from the meetings of November 2000, February 2001, March 6 and 20, 2001, and May, 2001 for review and approval. All minutes were approved.
  • Chair Byl gave a brief summary of the changes made in previous meetings to the bylaws of the committee. The bylaws were changed to reflect that the Committee reviews both courses across schools and Instructional Improvement Grants. Previously, the bylaws had made reference only to the review of Courses of Instruction.
  • Chair Byl reminded the Committee that ongoing business included review of the course form, which is submitted by instructors when submitting a new course/change of course for review and approval. The course form will be modified to reflect the need for instructors to outline the behavioral objectives of a course, complete prerequisites and restrictions and remarks. Lana Jang will type-up the changes to this form for next year.
  • Chair Byl informed the Committee that printed catalogs currently exist for all UC campuses except UC Santa Cruz, UC Merced and UCSF. These catalogs are updated at least every two years.

Chair Byl suggested to the Committee that she draft a letter to the Chancellor proposing that for the purposes of public relations and recruitment, UCSF produce a printed catalog. Members of the Committee noted that although the UCSF campus does not produce a printed catalog, catalogs do exist for individual schools (e.g. Dentistry, Nursing). Members also noted that the catalog of courses for UCSF is available online – but does not appear to be updated on a quarterly basis. Members of the Committee agreed that the issue of a UCSF campus-wide catalog should be considered further and that a letter to the Chancellor should be drafted to this effect. However, the Committee noted that a web-based catalog may prove more cost effective and accessible than a printed version. Members emphasized that such a catalog needs to be updated at least quarterly and that it should be well presented in order to attract new students.

Clarification of New Advanced Masters Programs and Fees

Chair Byl informed the Committee that "Advanced Masters Programs" are being encouraged by the Office of the President for enriching job skills of licensed professionals. These programs are fee based. The Committee agreed that in the course listings for these programs, it should be clearly indicated under "Restrictions and Pre-Requisites" that special fees are required. Thus, students at UCSF would have to pay the fee associated with these classes, even if they were not enrolled in that program.

Review of Courses

  • Members of the Committee agreed that the correlation between course number(s) and type of course(s) should be clarified. This will be discussed at a future meeting.
  • Chair Byl raised the question of faculty commitment to web-based learning. The Committee expressed concern that web-based learning may burden the instructor with a greater workload than traditional seminar-based learning. Chair Byl will draft a letter to Drs. Pitts and Bikle (outgoing and incoming Chairs of the Academic Senate) to suggest that a campus-wide policy be produced to address the following issues: faculty/student contact, students registered at UCSF, written examinations, unit assignments, faculty preparation and "web time". A policy needs to be developed to adequately credit the faculty member for preparation and teaching.
  • The Committee reviewed a total of 31 courses. Of these, a total of 13 were approved and 18 were referred for follow-up, modification, and further clarification. Committee members were asked to review 39 Dental School courses.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:15 p.m.

Senate Staff:
Elizabeth Langdon-Gray
Senate Analyst

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