Nancy N. Byl, Ph.D. P.T., Chair


These minutes were approved in the June meeting. Still need to be formatted. ELG.
Tuesday May 1, 2001

1. Minutes

  1. Review and approve summary of minutes for March 6 and March 20
  2. The minutes reflected decisions being made about funding at both the March 6 and March 20 meetings when in fact the committee began the process of review on March 6th and finished March 20th, with the decisions made March 20th.
  3. Annie Bruster was asked to modify these minutes to reflect this.

2. Chair’s Report

  1. The Chair welcomed back Annie Bruster
  2. The Chair indicated that the Course Form modifications need to be made. The section on objectives was defined more clearly in terms of behavioral objectives. The Chair asked the Committee to look at this modification and see if there were any other recommendations that would be made for this form. This form is not yet "on line".
  3. The Chair again reminded the Committee that there would be only one more meeting of the Committee. A new Chair would be appointed by the Committee on Committees. The Chair also indicated that all members had been conscientious serving on this committee
  4. At the last meeting, the Chair reminded everyone to think about the hard catalog. The Chair would try to find out how many UC campuses still had a printed copy of the course catalogue available.

3. Old Business

  1. The Chair indicated that she had talked to Dr. Loesser and they would be adding behavioral objectives to the courses
  2. The Chair also talked to Neuroscience and it was not clear that they would add behavioral objectives nor clarify the years when courses would be offered.
  3. Nancy distributed a copy of Bylaws 145
  4. A meeting was to be set up with Dr. Pitts, the Administrative Chair of the Academic Senate and the Chair of COI and Educational Policy. The Committee agreed that they did not think the committees should be combined. Also, the Chair indicated that the responsibilities for the Instructional Improvement Grants was not in the bylaws for COI. Thus, this would be added to clarify the role of the Committee on this matter of Instructional Improvement Grants.

4. New Business

  1. 54 courses were on the list to be reviewed. Another 6 courses were available to review from Physical Therapy.
  2. None of the courses in Psychiatry had behavioral objectives. The Chair called Dr. Lowell and asked that they be added. They were all clerkship type courses.
  3. The instructor of the pharmacy courses for 153 A B and C was to be contacted to prioritize the objectives for the three courses (e.g. objective l for 153 A, objective 2 for 153 B and object 3 for 153 C.
  4. Objectives for the Epidemiology courses were not stated in behavioral terms. Chis Ireland was contacted by the Chair to complete this process.Also, the Chair discussed the issue of :fees for this masters degree in epidemiology. Other students could register for the courses, but they would have to pay a fee. The Chair was to clarify this with the Registrar’s Office
  5. One of the nursing courses needed to clarify whether the instructor of record was a paid faculty member as required to be the course instructor of record. Noreen was to follow up with this and check on 294E regarding the evaluation
  6. Eight courses were deleted.

The next meeting date was changed from July 10 to June 5. Some of the courses need to start in the summer and July would be too late.

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