Nancy N. Byl, Ph.D. P.T., Chair   

Meeting of March 6, 2001

PRESENT: Chair N. Byl, S. Kahl, N. Facione, D. Fried, D. Curtis, P. Ursell, G. McCart, C. Puntillo

ABSENT: Linda Liu

The meeting of the Committee on Courses of Instruction was called to order by Chair Byl on March 6, 2001 at 10:00 a.m. in Room L-101. A quorum was present.

Chair’s Comments

The sole order of business was for the Committee to review and evaluate the 26 applications for Instructional Improvement Grants. Applications numbered 1 through 13 were reviewed at this meeting. The Committee will complete its review and evaluation of applications numbered 14 through 27 at the Committee’s March 20, 2001 meeting. In addition to the 26 applications before the Committee for review, 2 other applications were returned to applicants; one for being received after the deadline and the second for being incomplete. Chair Byl provided an overview of the work before the Committee, indicating that awards would be granted on the basis of innovation, implementation, high-impact, interdisciplinary, sustainability, evaluation and cost efficiency. The total budget for 2000-01 is $97,000. The Library is administratively responsible for managing and awarding IGP grants. The sources of funding for these grants include Opportunity funds, Special General funds, Lottery funds and HHMI Gift funds.

The Chair announced that David Irby, Vice Dean for Education, SOM reviewed and commented on applications from the School of Medicine prior to their submission to the Committee for consideration. The Committee agreed that since other Schools did not conduct or submit similar reviews, Dr. Irby’s reviews were not considered by the Committee in the final funding decision.

General Discussion Regarding Criteria For Evaluating Applications

The Committee agreed to evaluate its policy relating to the "competency" factor for previously funded applications. Gail Persily briefed the members on the existing practice of requiring interim and final progress reports to help the Committee evaluate and to substantiate if previously funded applicants achieved their stated objectives. Gail Persily raised the issue of the cost of videotaping and what cost is considered reasonable. Ms. Persily indicated that she would verify what constitutes reasonable videotaping costs. COI discussed the possibility of allowing faculty salaries to be paid with the Instructional Grant Program (IGP) funds that are administered through the Library. It was agreed that beginning next year, the Committee could consider, on a case by case basis, a stipend for volunteer faculty that are not paid by the University.

2001-2002 Instructional Grants Program

The following grants received funding:

Instructional Multimedia on Portal Imaging Technology in Radiation Oncology
Jean Pouliot, Associate Professor
Radiation Oncology

Extending Our Reach: Web-based Faculty Development for WOS Clinical Faculty
Barbara L. Sauer, Pharm.D., Lloyd Y. Young, Pharm.D. and Christopher Cullander, Ph.D.
Department of Clinical Pharmacy

Identifying and Responding to Families Affected by Domestic Violence: A Video Guide to Domestic Violence Screening
Margaret McNamara, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor
Department of Pediatrics

Development of A Teaching Module to Teach Medical Students About Caring For Homeless Patients
Sharad Jain, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine; Site Director, Categorical Medicine Residency
Department of Medicine

Development of WebCT Cases for the New Integrated Family and Community Medicine/Surgical Subspecialty Core Clerkship
William B. Shore, M.D., Professor Clinical FCM, Director, Predoctoral Program in FCM
Arianne Teherani, Ph.D., Office of Educational Research and Evaluation
Carol Hodgson, Ph.D., Director, Office of Educational Research and Evaluation

The meeting adjourned at 12:00 p.m.

Senate Staff:
Annie Bruster
Administrative Analyst


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